NBA: Utah Jazz Lauri Markkanen Brooklyn Nets Trade Deal in the Works

The Utah Jazz’s forward Lauri Markkanen is likely to get traded to the Brooklyn Nets this season. The Nets do not have control of their daft picks till 2027; they owe it to the Rockets, and that is why they can’t tank. If they choose to do it anyway, the Rockets will reap whatever the Jazz sows. But the Jazz can; they have a quality veteran squad, but they are struggling. So, starting from scratch might help them get a breakthrough.

The Jazz not only control their own picks, but they have also accumulated multiple draft picks from other teams as well. Now, they have an option to work on their future by tanking now. That would involve sending away quality players and veterans. The Nets are involved in their forward Lauri, and the two parties might crack a deal. Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Utah Jazz and the Brooklyn Nets involving Lauri Markkanen.

Lauri Markkanen might get traded to the Nets this season

What would the Nets offer for Lauri Markkanen?

The Nets are expected to offer Dorian Finney Smith, Dari Whitehead, and one first-round pick each from the years 2025,2027 and 2029 in exchange for the Jazz’s #23. We have seen teams succeeding after accepting a deal that gives them tons of draft capital rather than a star or two. Will the Jazz follow the trend?

Lauri Markkanen is lowkey having a really good season, check out some of his ranks in the NBA

2nd in 3PM
6th in Points
6th in Offensive Win Shares
8th in Offensive Box +/-
11th in Rebounds
14th in Offensive Rebounds

One of the best offensive players in the NBA

— Jazz Lead (@JazzLead) November 12, 2023

Why would the Jazz trade off Lauri Markkanen?

The Jazz are doing this deal to kill two stones with one bird. They get to work on their future by getting multiple draft picks, and they are parting ways with a veteran as well, which is an ideal thing to do while rebuilding. Lauri has been great, but it does not look like he alone will be able to sail the Jazz’s boat. The Jazz would like to do some damage control before it gets too late.

Lauri Markkanen vs the Grizzlies

26 PTS
4 3PM


— Jazz Lead (@JazzLead) November 11, 2023

Why would the Nets like to sign Lauri Markkanen?

The Nets might have to look at their financial books before they do this deal, but if they manage to pull it off, Lauri would be a great addition to their squad. A shot creating offensive guard would help the Nets flourish.

How will the Jazz perform in their upcoming games? Will the Nets get their desired lineup? We’ll keep you updated.

NBA: Utah Jazz Lauri Markkanen Brooklyn Nets Trade Deal in the Works