NBA: Zach LaVine Trade Talks Hit a Wall, Chicago Bulls Can’t Find Teams Willing to Meet Their Price

Zach LaVine was on the trading block this year. The Bulls superstar has been linked to many teams, and teams have shown interest in acquiring the Bulls’ shooting guard. However, no trades took place this year.

Now, an NBA Insider has revealed that the rival teams are showing interest in the shooting guard. None of the NBA teams are willing to pay the package amount required to acquire LaVine from the Bulls.

LaVine is one of the best shooting guards

Is Zach LaVine Worth to Acquire for $129 Million?

The Chicago Bulls have set a high asking price for their shooting guard, Zach LaVine. They have asked for $129 million for the next three seasons for their star guard.

Jamal Collier of ESPN revealed:

“Rival teams have checked in with the Bulls about LaVine’s availability, team and league sources told ESPN, but no team has been willing to meet Chicago’s reportedly large asking price. LaVine, 28, is owed $129 million over the next three seasons and owns a $48.9 million dollar player option in 2026-27.”

It is easy to understand why the Bulls have set up a high asking price for their shooting guard and why many teams are interested in acquiring LaVine.

We Got Now. 2023.

Jamal Murray. Kawhi Leonard. Cameron Brink. Tyrese Maxey. Zach LaVine. Dejounte Murray. Aaron Nesmith. Darius Bazley.

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Zach LaVine Career Average, Stats, and Next Destination

Zach is regarded as one of the best shooting guards in the league. The Bulls’ star has averaged around 24.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 4.2 assists in the last season for the organization.

The shooting guard scored around 37.5% of the shots from the 3-point range. If the Bulls acquire LaVine, he could be their difference-maker.

Why Zach LaVine Never Saw the Chicago Bulls Move Coming!

Image: Chicago Bulls

LaVine didn’t expect that the Bulls will move him this season. After Damian Lillard’s trade took place, LaVine didn’t think of him getting acquired by another team.

LaVine said:

“I don’t see anything happening anytime soon. But if it does, Chicago always has my love.”

While LaVine has not been traded yet by the Bulls, it is impossible to determine the Bulls’ next move. Chicago wants to finish in the playoffs in the upcoming season, and for this, they would make as many bold moves as possible.

Blazers Not Interested to Trade for LaVine

Image: Chicago Bulls

The Bulls were interested in acquiring the Portland Trail Blazers’ superstar guard, Damian Lillard. However, the Blazers didn’t want to flip Lillard for LaVine.

“Multiple league sources indicated throughout the offseason that the Trail Blazers showed little interest in acquiring LaVine directly, mostly because he doesn’t match their rebuilding path and commitment to a young backcourt of Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons.”

NBA: Zach LaVine Trade Talks Hit a Wall, Chicago Bulls Can’t Find Teams Willing to Meet Their Price