New Pokémon Paradox Rift Cards: What’s The Most Expensive Pokémon Card?

The Pokémon universe expands ever further with the recent drop of the Paradox Rift expansion for the Pokémon TCG. This set, which seamlessly connects with the current Scarlet and Violet base game, is shining the spotlight on the unique Paradox Pokémon from both ancient and futuristic timelines. However, within this plethora of new offerings, there are some standout cards that players and collectors are eagerly trying to get their hands on. From intricately designed illustrations to potential game-changing abilities, we’ve narrowed down the top ten cards that are taking the TCG market by storm.

The Paradox Promise

Before we dive into the list, it’s worth noting the distinct theme of the Paradox Rift expansion. Creatures like the majestic Roaring Moon and the formidable Iron Valiant are leading the charge. Not only do they represent the essence of the expansion, but they also form the design theme for various Paradox Rift products, including the coveted Elite Trainer Boxes (ETB) and booster packs.

But, beyond these iconic figures, there are other hidden gems in the Pokémon TCG: Paradox Rift expansion. Some of these cards, despite not being strictly Paradox Pokémon or even native to Paldea, still command high market prices. After all, in the world of Pokémon TCG, a card’s value hinges on its gameplay value, rarity, and artistic representation.

“Pokémon TCG cards move a lot of money and, depending on their gameplay value, rarity, and general artwork, some items can be worth hundreds of dollars.”

Let’s now venture into the realms of the Paradox Rift and highlight its ten priciest cards:

10. Parasol Lady – A Delicate Dance of Light and Shadows

At the number ten spot, we have the Special Illustration Rare version of “Parasol Lady”. This card, currently valued at $31.05, once almost touched the $40 mark. Apart from its obvious rarity, the art is reminiscent of the popular anime movie Your Name. Its gameplay advantage allows a player to reshuffle their hand and draw four new cards, which could be game-changing in crucial situations.

9. Garchomp ex – The Power of Gen 4

Priced at $33.43, the next in line is the Special Illustration Rare variant of Garchomp ex. Adorned with a majestic portrayal of this fan-favorite Gen 4 Pokémon, the card also introduces the concept of Terastallization with a Water Tera type. This feature has the potential to completely change the dynamics of any gameplay.

8. Professor Sada’s Vitality – An Ancient Boost

Emphasizing the significance of Trainer cards in this expansion, Professor Sada’s Vitality, currently valued at $34.91, is a boon for decks featuring Ancient Pokémon. The card showcases Professor Sada in an artwork that exudes exclusivity and refinement.

7. Tulip – The Psychic Maestro

The Leader of the Alfornada Gym in Scarlet and Violet, Tulip’s card is currently valued a notch above Professor Sada’s, standing at $35.05. This card not only retrieves Psychic-type cards from the discard pile but also flaunts a splendid artwork.

6. Rika – The Choicest Pick

The Special Illustration Rare version of Rika, currently priced at $42.25, offers players an excellent gameplay advantage. It allows a sneak peek into the top cards of the deck and the freedom to choose the most favorable ones.

5. Iron Hands ex – Breaking Barriers

With a value of $42.52, Iron Hands ex’s Special Illustration Rare version is not just about the price. The card’s exquisite design, combined with its robust gameplay attributes, makes it a worthy possession.

4. Iron Valiant ex – The Future Beckons

Iron Valiant ex, currently valued at $57.07, is a testament to the beauty and strength that the Paradox Rift expansion brings. It hits hard and brings a fantastic artistic rendition of the creature in its full glory.

3. Gholdengo ex – Turning Tides

At $75.26, Gholdengo ex is not just a card, but a game-changer. Its ability to potentially swing a match and its stunning art design places it high on our list.

2. Mela – The Scarlet and Violet Sensation

One of the most popular figures in Scarlet and Violet, Mela’s Special Illustration Rare card, priced at $76.04, is a perfect blend of rarity, gameplay value, and artistic brilliance.

1. Roaring Moon ex – The Apex of Paradox Rift

Topping our list is Roaring Moon’s Special Illustration Rare card. Priced at $78.57, it stands as the most potent and priciest card in the Paradox Rift expansion. With unmatched strength and an ethereal artwork, it truly embodies the essence of this Pokémon TCG expansion.

The Paradox Rift expansion, with its diverse and valuable offerings, has once again showcased the magic that Pokémon TCG holds. While these ten cards are the current stars, only time will tell which other cards might rise in prominence, shaking up the TCG market further. Happy collecting!

New Pokémon Paradox Rift Cards: What’s The Most Expensive Pokémon Card?