New Spoilers in Boruto Saga: Naruto’s Son Turns Uchiha-like, Ditches Uzumaki Roots in Latest Manga Update

In the latest captivating turn of events in the world of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” fans are witnessing a radical shift in the young ninja, Boruto Uzumaki. Once known for his vibrant Uzumaki heritage, a lineage famed in the Hidden Leaf Village, Boruto now seems to embody traits more akin to the stoic Uchiha clan, specifically those of his mentor, Sasuke Uchiha.

The Cold Homecoming of a Changed Hero


Upon his recent return to Konoha, Boruto’s demeanor has notably shifted. Gone is the emotional, fiery spirit typical of an Uzumaki, replaced by a cool, detached focus reminiscent of an Uchiha. This is most apparent in his interactions, or lack thereof, with his sister, Himawari, and his former adversary, Kawaki. There’s a stark absence of the familial warmth or anger one might expect from a young ninja who’s been away for years.

The Influence of Sasuke and Momoshiki

Boruto’s transformation can be traced back to several pivotal moments in his life. The imprinting of Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s karma onto Boruto marked the beginning of his identity crisis, dragging him closer to the Otsutsuki lineage. Further complicating his identity, Boruto’s revival in chapter #66 pushed him even further from his Uzumaki roots, tilting him towards Otsutsuki characteristics.

A World Remade Against Boruto

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In a shocking twist in chapter #79, the combined might of Kawaki and Eida unleashed an “Omnipotence” ability, altering humanity’s memories to forget Boruto’s Uzumaki heritage. Confronted by a world that no longer recognizes him, Boruto’s acceptance of his new reality in “Two Blue Vortex: Chapter 3” is both jarring and telling of his inner change.

Boruto’s New Path: Acceptance and Focus


The new Boruto we encounter is a far cry from the son of Naruto Uzumaki, who was known for his emotional depth and instinctive reactions. Instead, Boruto’s cold, mission-focused demeanor mirrors that of his mentor, Sasuke. He shows a surprising disregard for personal connections, focusing solely on his objectives. This change not only distances him from his Uzumaki roots but aligns him more closely with the Uchiha way of life.

A Future Defined by Choice, Not Legacy

As the story of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” unfolds, it’s clear that Boruto’s identity is being redefined. No longer just Naruto’s son or a mere extension of the Uzumaki clan, he’s carving out a path unique to his experiences and choices. This evolution challenges the notion of destiny and legacy in the ninja world, presenting Boruto as a character who’s more than the sum of his lineage.

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New Spoilers in Boruto Saga: Naruto’s Son Turns Uchiha-like, Ditches Uzumaki Roots in Latest Manga Update