New V/H/S Film to Spotlight Sci-Fi Horror Tales

The Game Changer: Sci-Fi Horrors in the Next V/H/S Installment

After wowing fans with the recent premiere of V/H/S/85 on Shudder and AMC+, the V/H/S franchise is not hitting the pause button anytime soon. Get ready to scream in a whole new galaxy—because the seventh installment is diving deep into the realm of sci-fi horror.

“Jason Voorhees, Leprechaun, Pinhead, Dracula, even the Amityville Horror house ended up in space, so as we move into our own Part 7 it was only natural that we should too,” producer Josh Goldbloom spilled during a New York Comic Con panel. “The sci-fi horror genre provides us an infinite playground of forbidden worlds and dangerous lifeforms, a formula which we’re confident will lead to the biggest, maddest, bloodiest V/H/S ever.”

So, what can we expect? If Goldbloom’s words are any indication, it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride through ‘forbidden worlds and dangerous lifeforms.’ Hold on to your seats, horror fans.

The Team Crafting the Nightmares

The New York Comic Con panel was a veritable who’s-who of the V/H/S family. Moderated by Samuel Zimmerman, Shudder’s VP of Programming, the panel included directors David Bruckner (V/H/S/1, V/H/S/85), Chloe Okuno (V/H/S/94), Natasha Kermani (V/H/S/85), and Tyler McIntyre (V/H/S/99).

“The V/H/S franchise has been terrifying and entertaining audiences for over a decade now thanks to the work of some of the genre’s most gifted filmmakers,” said Head of AMC Networks’ Film Group Scott Shooman.

The franchise is going full steam ahead, backed by producers like Brad Miska, James Harris of 47 Meters Down fame, and, of course, Goldbloom himself. Executive producers Michael Schreiber and Adam Boorstin from Studio71 are also on board to ensure this sci-fi leap isn’t just a gimmick but a full-fledged cinematic experience.

A Decade of Dread: The Legacy of V/H/S

V/H/S has been delivering scares since its debut in 2012, which featured contributions from seasoned horror directors like Ti West, Adam Wingard, and Glenn McQuaid. Following its initial run, the franchise churned out V/H/S/2 and V/H/S: Viral, before taking a hiatus and making a comeback with V/H/S 1994 in 2021 and V/H/S/99 in 2022.

“We’re thrilled that the franchise is going in a bold, new direction that will surprise fans and newcomers alike, and demonstrate the innovative capabilities of sci-fi within the world of V/H/S,” Scott Shooman added.

Beyond the Mainline: Spinoffs and Shorts

Besides the primary six films, the franchise also spawned spinoff movies like Gregg Bishop’s Siren and Jason Eisener’s sci-fi feature Kids vs. Aliens, and the social media miniseries V/H/S: Video Horror Shorts.

What to Stream While You Wait

As we salivate for what’s bound to be a mind-bending blend of science fiction and horror, V/H/S/85 serves as the perfect appetizer. Available to stream on Shudder, the segments are directed by luminaries such as David Bruckner, Scott Derrickson, and Natasha Kermani, who have proven time and again their knack for storytelling that keeps us at the edge of our seats.

So as we eagerly await this cosmic shift in the V/H/S anthology, it’s safe to say that the horror landscape is about to change—perhaps even on an intergalactic scale.

New V/H/S Film to Spotlight Sci-Fi Horror Tales