NFL Free Agency: A New Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Deal Underway?

The Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Deal has left the team with deficiencies in their running back department, particularly in regards to finding a player who can both provide protection for the quarterback and possess enough familiarity with the team’s offensive system to improvise when necessary.

The Dallas Cowboys released Ezekiel Elliott, making the running back a free agent

Ezekiel Elliott was released by Dallas Cowboys in early March. Although he had a very lean NFL season last year, Cowboys fans weren’t impressed with the decision. The team decided not to offer him a new contract with less salary as to not ‘insult’ him. Or so they say.

Cowboys’ RB Ezekiel Elliott has narrowed down his options about where to play to the Eagles, Jets and Bengals, and he would like to make his decision about where to sign by the end of next week, per sources.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 23, 2023

Is there a possibility of a new Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Deal?

Following the Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Deal, decision-makers at various levels of the organization have suggested in recent days that they may consider the return of the fan-favorite running back, indicating that they are not ruling out the possibility.

Fans have always loved him and the backroom staff too. Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones said “I don’t want to ever and I don’t want to leave him (Ezekiel) hanging or fans hanging or anybody. But I wouldn’t take any possibility off the table.”

Cowboys’ Owner Jerry Jones is open to the possibility of a new contract for Elliott.

Jones also stated that sometimes it’s best to allow players to explore the market and understand their value. Great players view themselves as such, and rightfully so. However, when it comes to business, decisions must be made to ensure it is sustainable. The hypothetical decision to bring back the former fan-favorite running back would not be a purely emotional move but rather a calculated one.

Dallas Cowboys made the right choice by releasing Ezekiel Elliott Deal, as it will provide them with a cap savings of $10.9 million when he officially becomes a free agent in June.

It’s important to note that Ezekiel Elliott’s ability to protect Dak Prescott cannot be overlooked, as it’s not a skill that many running backs possess in abundance. In addition, the chemistry between the two players is unique and cannot be easily replicated.

A new Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott deal might just be possible, but it would need to be at the right price. While it wouldn’t make sense to pay a high double-digit figure for what he can offer, he could still bring value to the team. While his workload may not be as significant as last season, his unique skill set could make him an ideal candidate for specific situations, especially when compared to other runners on the team. Ultimately, it would depend on whether the team and Elliott can agree on a deal that benefits both parties.’

If Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t get a better deal elsewhere, returning to the Dallas Cowboys could still be a good option, as they seem open to it, and the fans have always loved him.

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NFL Free Agency: A New Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott Deal Underway?