NFL News: NY Jets Lamar Jackson Trade Makes More Sense Than Aaron Rodgers Trade

Given that a NY Jets Lamar Jackson trade appears more feasible than an Aaron Rodgers trade to the team, the Jets may need to shift their focus towards pursuing Lamar Jackson instead. According to Mike Florio of, there hasn’t been much progress in negotiations between the Green Bay Packers and the Jets regarding Rodgers.

Florio, a well-known NFL commentator, shared on the Pat McAfee Show that the Green Bay Packers have taken a step back from their initial demand of the NY Jets’ first-round pick in 2023. He also used the terms “unreasonable” and “irrational” to describe the Packers’ conduct throughout the negotiation process.

Lamar Jackson had expressed his desire to not play for Ravens anymore.

A few weeks back, Aaron Rodgers made it known to the sports community that he planned on joining the New York Jets in the 2023 season, despite recently contemplating retirement after his time in a darkness retreat.

Initially, it seemed like Rodgers would become a Jet soon after his announcement, but that’s not the case as negotiations between the Packers and Jets have been ongoing. If talks continue to stall, the Jets may be better off shifting their attention towards Lamar Jackson, another MVP quarterback who requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens on March 2nd, instead of pursuing Rodgers further.

Is a NY Jets Lamar Jackson Trade better than an Aaron Rodgers Trade?

The Jets and The Packers haven’t been able to close out an Aaron Rodgers deal so far.

Doesn’t it seem more logical for the Jets to pursue Jackson instead? Although acquiring Jackson may prove to be a more challenging feat, it could be a better alternative if the Jets are unwilling to meet the Packers’ demands. Why not explore different avenues?

Jackson’s youthfulness is a considerable advantage compared to Aaron Rodgers, as he’s nearly 15 years younger. Acquiring Jackson would provide the Jets with the much-needed stability in the quarterback position for the long term.

New York Jets have a grueling season ahead of them this year. The New York Jets’ schedule for the upcoming season includes matches against the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, twice against Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, Las Vegas Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rodgers will turn 40 this December.

That’s 10 out of their 17 games. Whether a 39-year-old Rodgers can tough through the season is still up in the air. It is unclear if Aaron Rodgers will be able to lead the New York Jets to success in the upcoming season, given the tough opponents they will be facing. It will be a difficult challenge for the team, even with Rodgers as their quarterback.

The Jets General Manager Joe Douglas might be able to put the whole Rodgers Jets saga behind them and get Lamar Jackson before it’s too late.

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NFL News: NY Jets Lamar Jackson Trade Makes More Sense Than Aaron Rodgers Trade