Nikki Roumel Biography, Age, Movies, Net Worth And More

Nikki Roumel is a TV personality and actress from Canada. She is well known for portraying Georgia Miller, a teenage girl, in the television show Ginny & Georgia. The actress has also made appearances on TV shows like Holly Hobbie and Designated Survivor. Despite her young age, Nikki has attained considerable recognition in her career. Scroll down below to know more about the popular actress who is all over social media these days.

Who Is Nikki Roumel?

Nikki Roumel was born On 8 May 2000, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has an older sister, Talia, who is studying Nursing. Roumel has loved acting since he was a teenager. Nikki received her education at a small private school in her hometown, according to sources. After finishing her secondary education, the actress enrolled at Wilfrid Laurier University, where she pursued acting. Roumel is half-Greek and lives in Canada. She describes herself as a “wanderer.” Her grandfather immigrated to Canada from a small town in the Netherlands as a teenager.

Nikki Roumel has not said much about her parents and family life. However, it is reported that her parents are Dino and Tamara Smit Roumeliotis. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. 

Nikki Roumel’s Career

Nikki is a television personality and an actress. She grew interested in acting as a young child. She participated in theatrical shows back then. In the 2013 short film Anaphylaction, she played her first acting role. She played the little Native American Girl in the 2015 horror movie Lake Creature. The actress received a Joey Award in 2018 for her outstanding performance in the entertainment sector. In 2017, she made an appearance on the television show Designated Survivor. She made a guest appearance in the television series Holly Hobbie a year later.

She gained popularity because of her role in Ginny and Georgia. Amazing similarities exist between Georgia in its youth and Georgia today. You genuinely believe you are seeing the same person at two separate times of their life because of the blonde hair, dark eyebrows, facial structure, and eyes. In the series, a thirty-year-old mother named Georgia Miller and her fifteen-year-old daughter Ginny Miller’s narrative were followed. Because of its captivating plot, the television series received favourable reviews and received numerous nominations.

“Is it just me, or is the actress that plays young Georgia in Ginny and Georgia the perfect cast? She looks, talks, and walks just like Brianne Howey. Why isn’t Nikki Roumel getting more attention for her performance?” Tweeted one person.

Nikki Roumel has featured in 5 movies: Ginny & Georgia (2021) as Teenage Georgia Miller, Designated Survivor (2017) as Sibyl Sadik, Holly Hobbie (2018) as Cheer Captain, Anaphylaction (2013) as Kendra and The Wayne Ayers Podcast (2021) as Guest.

Nikki Roumel is passionate about poetry in addition to performing. The actress publishes her poems on her Instagram account. “Dearest Me: And to All Those Who May Relate” is the title of her poetry collection.

Nikki has also been practising kickboxing for many years and has even done quite a few competitions.

How Much Is Nikki Roumel Worth?

Her alleged net worth is $500,000.00. A large share of her income comes from acting, movies, Tv series, commercials, and other business ventures.

Nikki Roumel’s Social Media

In addition to her growing renown as an actor, Nikki has achieved tremendous success on social networking sites, particularly Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She primarily uses Instagram, where she frequently posts pictures and videos of her travels, adventures, and daily activities. Nikki has since served as the face and spokesperson for a variety of skincare, fashion, makeup, and sports products.

Nikki Roumel Biography, Age, Movies, Net Worth And More