“No championship in my mind..”: Serena Williams Finds Not Playing Tennis ‘Super Weird’; Husband Pushes for Her Tour Return

Serena Williams Contemplates Tennis Return After Welcoming Second Baby

After the euphoria of childbirth and the joy of welcoming her second child, tennis icon Serena Williams stands at a pivotal juncture in her illustrious career. Grappling with emotions and deciding whether to swing the racquet again in competitive tennis, Williams shared a candid sentiment about how she feels.

A New Chapter Begins

Serena Williams, at 41, recently embraced the joys of motherhood once again, welcoming her second child. On a platform that the world once recognized as Twitter, now dubbed X, she elucidated her conflicting emotions about returning to the sport that she has dominated for years.

“I’m not used to working out with no goal or to be honest — no championship in my mind,” she posted, terming the experience as “super weird.”

I’m not used to working out with no goal or to be honest – no championship in my mind. This is super weird.

— Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) September 15, 2023

It’s not just the fans who are eager about the possibility of Williams’ return. Alexis Ohanian, the tech maestro and her better half, didn’t miss a beat. Teasing the tennis legend, he responded with a gif of Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber, captioned, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

Mixed Signals on Retirement

Williams’ stance on retirement has been shrouded in ambiguity. After what seemed like a poignant adieu post the US Open in 2022, she later hinted a potent comeback. “The chances of me returning are very high,” Serena had asserted at a tech event, pointing out the tennis court right in her backyard.

However, Serena’s primary focus over the past year has been family. She and Alexis celebrated the arrival of their second baby girl, Adira River Ohanian, as shared on their social media. “Welcome, Adira River Ohanian,” penned Alexis, adding that their home was brimming with love and emphasizing the “GMOAT” (Greatest Mom of All Time) title that Serena undeniably earned.

The G.O.A.T.’s Legacy

The G.O.A.T., a title often bestowed upon Serena, has many fans and players alike wishing for her return. Among them is the recent US Open champion, Coco Gauff.

Gauff’s own meteoric rise in tennis draws parallels with Williams’ early career. Both showcased their prowess at the US Open, with Serena clinching her first Grand Slam in 1999 at 17, while Gauff followed suit 24 years later.

Serena is Serena,” Gauff acknowledged, full of admiration. While she dreams of accomplishing even half of what Williams did, she added, “She’s my idol… The only regret I’ll have for the rest of my life is not being able to play her.”

In the echo of Gauff’s words, the anticipation builds. As fans worldwide wait with bated breath, only time will unveil whether Serena Williams will serve another ace on the tennis court.

Source: People