Oliver Shane Hawkins, Son of Late Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Age, Bio, Now, Siblings, Career

Oliver Shane Hawkins has gained recognition in the music world, making a name for himself as the drummer for Ted Ed Fred. His captivating drumming has left audiences in awe of his energetic stage presence.

Following the legacy of his late father, the renowned Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, Oliver has taken on his musical inheritance with tremendous enthusiasm. Let’s learn more about Oliver Hawkins.

Who is Oliver Shane Hawkins?

On August 4, 2006, Oliver Shane Hawkins was born to the late Taylor Hawkins, a renowned drummer for the Foo Fighters. He is currently 18 years old as of 2023.

Inheriting his father’s talent and enthusiasm towards drumming, Oliver is now an American drummer who is best known for his work with the rock band Ted Ed Fred.

His legacy lives on, as he has taken the same career path and made a name for himself in the music industry. Hawkins was brought up in a musical home, and his dad’s aptitude and triumph certainly had an impact on his own musical course.

Hawkins has ventured out on a potentially rewarding journey in the music industry, following the path of his inspiring dad. Despite Hawkins’ early career, his drumming talents have been on display.

His collaborations with the Foo Fighters, especially at the tribute concerts for his father in 2022, enabled him to commemorate his father and continue his heritage while exhibiting his own drumming aptitude. The young musician was honored with the 2022 Drumeo Award for Performance of the Year.


In 2005, Taylor and Alison Hawkins joined their lives in marriage. They demonstrated a deep reverence for one another, coupled with profound love and common interests, particularly music. They created a secure foundation for their family, promoted each other’s pursuits, and provided a stimulating atmosphere for their children.

The late Taylor Hawkins, the father of Oliver Shane Hawkins, was born in Fort Worth, Texas on February 17th, 1972. His love for drumming was apparent from an early age and he was able to refine his craft by playing in numerous bands until he was offered an incredible chance.

His career took a dramatic turn when he was chosen to play drums for Alanis Morissette on her Jagged Little Pill tour. This was a crucial point in his career, as he was able to demonstrate his talent and be acknowledged in the music business.

Oliver Shane Hawkin’s most memorable association was when he joined the Foo Fighters in 1997. Initially, he was the drummer for their live shows and recorded the third album, There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

His powerful drumming technique and capacity to inject life and beats into the Foo Fighters’ music rapidly became noteworthy. He was a crucial part of the band as he was involved in the production of eight albums with them and had a hand in their success.

On the 25th of March, 2022, Taylor Hawkins was found unresponsive in his Bogotá, Colombia hotel room due to chest pains. A urine test showed evidence of multiple substances in his body.

Although there were reports of extreme exhaustion prior to his death, the autopsy results exposed an enlarged heart, leaving the cause of his death unknown.

Oliver Shane Hawkin’s mother, Alison Hawkins has managed to keep her career out of the public eye. It was her affinity for music that brought her and her late husband together while he was a part of the Foo Fighters. Her devotion to Taylor Hawkins was a key factor in him achieving his accomplishments and attaining emotional harmony.

Oliver Shane Hawkins’ Siblings

Oliver Shane Hawkins is the eldest of three siblings. He is joined by two younger sisters, Annabelle and Everleigh Hawkins. Growing up in the lively musical environment of Los Angeles, California, the trio was exposed to the influence of the music scene and their family’s rich musical heritage.

The Hawkins family is of mixed lineage, reflecting a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. Taylor Hawkins, who passed away recently, was of Cajun/French, Choctaw Native American, Danish, English, Finnish, German, Irish, Italian, Mexican, Northern Irish, Scottish, and Welsh ancestry.

Oliver Shane Hawkins’ mother, Alison, has a diverse genetic heritage, with roots in Ashkenazi Jewish, Dutch, English, French-Canadian, German, Mohawk Native American, Norwegian, Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Scottish, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, and Welsh ancestry, all mainly from countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia.

What is Oliver Shane Hawkins up to?

At the Boston Calling Festival in May 2023, the Foo Fighters, who had recently revealed Josh Freese as their touring drummer after the death of Taylor Hawkins, shocked their fans. Oliver Shane Hawkins, Taylor’s son, shared the stage with the band.

The spectators were in an uproar of joy as 16-year-old Hawkins, taking up the mantle of his dad, exhibited his drum playing during the special rendition of My Hero. Prior to that, he had already performed with the band in 2022 during a memorial gig in London to commemorate his father.

It was a moment of great sentimentality and strong emotions as onlookers saw the young Hawkins embody his father’s heritage.

The Ted Ed Fred band is made up of Oliver Shane Hawkins on drums, Chadwick Miller as the main vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Zachary Smear on rhythm guitar and vocals, Kyle Wong-McCallan as the lead guitarist and backing vocals, and Timothy Novoselic on bass and singing.

Oliver Shane Hawkins, Son of Late Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Age, Bio, Now, Siblings, Career