One Piece Live-Action on Netflix: $17.27 Million Budget Per Episode and Early Reviews, Bigger Bills Than Game of Thrones?

The cinematic world was abuzz this week, with one of the most highly anticipated live-action releases gracing the big screen – the illustrious One Piece. This adaptation has not only managed to create ripples because of its faithfulness to the source material but also due to the sheer magnitude of its production costs.

The realm of anime enthusiasts, as well as live-action drama aficionados, found themselves gripped by a shared excitement, eager to experience the magic firsthand. And the excitement was not baseless. Even before its release, the movie was the talk of the town, especially when rumors and whispers regarding its colossal budget began making rounds in both online forums and offline discussions. This heightened interest and speculation only added to the mystique surrounding the movie, promising an unforgettable viewing experience.

Bigger Bills Than Game of Thrones?

While many might have discreetly discussed the matter in hushed tones, the revelations were anything but subtle. The news broke with considerable fanfare when Netflixwoche, the primary source of all things Netflix in Germany, announced the jaw-dropping figure associated with the production of the live-action series One Piece. To say that the USD 17.27 million budget allocated for a single episode was substantial would be an understatement.

This sum was not simply a monetary amount jotted down on paper. It was a bold and audacious proclamation of intent. By earmarking such a staggering figure, Netflix unambiguously surpassed the lofty heights set by HBO’s critically acclaimed Game of Thrones, which, at the pinnacle of its popularity, garnered a budget of USD 14.79 million for every episode.

However, Netflix’s decision to invest this colossal amount is not merely a bid to add another feather to its cap. It’s a profound gesture of respect and recognition of the cultural behemoth that One Piece has become. The universe of One Piece, celebrated for its intricate narratives and awe-inspiring visuals, offers Netflix an opportunity to create something truly mesmerizing. Yet, it also poses a considerable challenge, for the stakes are monumental.

Netflix’s track record with converting cherished anime stories into live-action versions has been somewhat of a mixed bag. Their adaptations, including titles like Cowboy Bebop and Death Note, were ambitious undertakings. However, they occasionally fell short of capturing the essence that endeared fans to the original anime, leading to mixed receptions. This underscores the immense expectations and the weight of responsibility on Netflix’s shoulders to ensure that One Piece is not just another adaptation, but a magnum opus that will be remembered for ages to come.

Setting Sail with Positive Winds

The initial responses to the series, fortunately, seem to indicate that Netflix might have finally caught the tide right this time. Early reactions depict the One Piece live-action series as a potential remedy for the often maligned anime-to-live-action adaptations. Megan Peters of gave a nod of approval calling it “good good.” Similarly, Crunchyroll’s Daniel Dockery chimed in with a concise “It’s good.”

But the applause wasn’t just confined to critics. Mo Hoosen from The Streamr was effusive in his praise, labeling it as “the real deal” and perhaps the future “king of the Netflix shows.” Twitter users, too, joined the chorus, with @WildeePatrol extolling the series for its scale and cast.

What’s more, Evan Valentine of made it abundantly clear that comparisons with past projects should be kept at bay, emphasizing, “This is NOT Cowboy Bebop.”

A New Era for Live-Action?

With each passing day, as waves of praise and recognition crash in, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation in the air, suggesting that this series could very well signal the dawn of a golden age for live-action adaptations. The plethora of glowing reviews it has received stands testament to its exceptional quality. Not only does this rendition seem perfectly calibrated to captivate and charm a fresh, untapped audience, but it also lays a formidable foundation for what could be a magnificent follow-up in its second season.

The unfolding narrative of One Piece on Netflix remains somewhat shrouded in mystery and anticipation. However, one thing is abundantly clear: it has embarked on its journey with a highly favorable and promising wind propelling it forward.