One Punch Man Manga Review: Is the Manga Worth Reading in 2023? How Many Chapters Does it Have?

Ah, the glory and adrenaline of a well-drawn punch, the laughs that erupt unbidden, and the gripping storylines that leave you begging for more. Enter the One Punch Man universe — a sensational realm that encapsulates all this and then some. You’ve watched the anime, perhaps argued over it on Reddit, and now you’re contemplating diving into the manga. There’s just one question hounding your mind: “How many volumes of One Punch Man are there?” Well, you’re in luck because we’re about to answer that—and a whole lot more!

The Anatomy of a Smash-Hit Series

Why does One Punch Man keep you at the edge of your seat? We’d wager it’s a stellar cocktail of action, humor, and jaw-dropping art. Created by ONE and illustrated by the talented Yusuke Murata (Yes, the genius behind Eyeshield 21), this manga has gripped the world in its one-punch knockout.

The series goes beyond stunning visuals, delving into a riveting narrative featuring the somewhat blasé yet super strong Saitama, and a sundry of colorful side characters. And if you’re one of those people who transitioned from the anime to the manga, you’re in for a treat. The manga contains hidden gems of storyline that the anime skimmed past.

The usual approach to any journey involving reading manga is checking how many chapters or volumes the series has. By doing so, you can assess whether you are willing to make the investment in both time and money.

Absolutely. So, let’s get down to the details.

Unveiling the Latest One Punch Man Manga Volumes: Why Every Fan Needs to Catch Up Now (2023 Update)

So, How Many Volumes Are We Talking?

Hold onto your capes, heroes and heroines; we’re breaking down the numbers. As of June 2023, there are 190 manga chapters that have been neatly packaged into 28 tankōbon volumes. And because the tale is far from over, these numbers will continue to climb.

At the time of writing this, there are 190 manga chapters released in the series. And most of these chapters have been collected in 28 tankōbon volumes. As the series is ongoing, you should expect the number to have changed by the time you read this article.

For those who want to start from scratch or just want to track their progress, here’s a quick peek at the volume titles and their release dates:

Vol. 28: “Into the Abyss” (Ch. 1382-143, June 2, 2023)

Vol. 27: “Tornado Full Blast” (Ch. 132-137, November 4, 2022)

Vol. 26: “Unfathomable” (Ch. 126-131, June 3, 2022)

… and the list goes on.

Unveiling the Latest One Punch Man Manga Volumes: Why Every Fan Needs to Catch Up Now (2023 Update)

The Essence of One Punch Man

Why read One Punch Man when you could watch it, you ask? Ah, the manga is a cut above the rest, my friends. One Punch Man flirts with conventional shonen tropes only to turn them on their head. The result is something refreshingly innovative yet comfortingly familiar. We journey with Saitama, an ‘unassociated’ hero so strong that he’s left jaded by his own prowess, as he aspires for a worthy opponent. Then enters Genos, a cyborg with a revenge mission, who becomes Saitama’s disciple.

This title is one of the best manga to read, a series filled with comedy, amazing action, interesting villains, and complex side characters. Generally speaking, I couldn’t recommend it more. A must-read for anyone who enjoys reading manga!

Anime : One Punch Man

— One Punch Man (@Everything_OPM_) August 29, 2023

A Read You Won’t Regret

Getting started on the One Punch Man manga is like slipping into a well-fitted glove; it just feels right. The art is breathtaking, the story captivating, and the characters nuanced. Yusuke Murata’s art is more than just eye candy; it’s a narrative tool that draws you deeper into this whimsical world.

So, are you ready to join the ranks of fans eagerly awaiting each new release? We thought so.

Stay tuned and stay heroic, readers!