Granpa Comes Up With a Strategy to Scare Off the Telemarketers

We love caller ID on our phones because it lets us know right away if we know the person calling or not. We sometimes let it go to voicemail if it’s not a name or number that’s already on our phone. When we don’t do this and answer a call from a number we don’t … Read more

Man Says He’s Done Having Kids After Fathering 102 Children

If you have kids, you’ll probably agree that they cost a lot. To clothe, feed, entertain, and educate children, costs a lot of money. From books and toys to shoes and sandwiches, it can seem like there are always new things to buy. Sure, the costs are worth it because kids are the best thing … Read more

Virginia Teacher Shot in Class by 6-Year-Old Student, 1st US School Shooting Recorded

The United States was shaken after a six-year-old student shot his teacher. This incident comes right in the middle of growing mass shootings from clubs, Walmarts, and especially in schools. The 25-year-old teacher, Abby Zwerner, suffered life-threatening injuries. The shooting took place at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, when the first-grade class had … Read more

‘Was Hoping You’d Wife Me’: Megan Fox Claps Back At Troll For Saying She Didn’t Shave Her ‘Bush’

Megan Fox continues her streak of posing for sharp pictures with her finance Machine Gun Kelly. There’s no doubt that they are in an unorthodox relationship. Recently, Fox and MGK dressed as characters from The Legend of Zelda video game looking absolutely killer. The stunning actress captioned the post, “Very seriously looked into elf ear modification after … Read more

MMA Star Victoria Lee Dead At 18

Victoria Lee passed away at the age of only 18 years old. In the sport of mixed martial arts, she was seen as a rising star. Angela Lee, Victoria’s sister, told her followers on Instagram that Victoria Lee had died the day after Christmas and gave details about how she died. On December 26, 2022, … Read more