Patrick J. Adams Reveals Why “Suits” is Trending on Netflix Again: The Meghan Markle Effect and Fans’ Hope for Revival

In the past few months, the once-beloved legal drama “Suits” has witnessed an unexpected revival, and one of its stars, Patrick J. Adams, isn’t shying away from addressing it. Adams, who famously played Mike Ross on the series, has a whimsical take on why the show is enjoying its current spell of dominance on Netflix.

A Nod to the Royal Connection

On his Instagram, Adams cheekily points to one of the main factors potentially driving the resurgence. His bio now states: “the guy from that show you’re watching on that app because that girl married that prince.” This is an unambiguous nod to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, who was once known to the world of entertainment as Rachel Zane of Pearson Hardman, the dedicated paralegal and Mike’s romantic partner.

Meghan Markle’s Rising Star: A Boon for “Suits”?

When “Suits” aired on the USA Network, it had its share of followers, thanks to sharp dialogues and a dynamic cast ensemble. But the drama series’ ascent on Netflix might have another major reason – Markle’s soaring global prominence post her marriage to Prince Harry. This union catapulted her to international fame, well beyond the scope of the series.

Recently, the couple released their exclusive documentary series on Netflix, “Harry & Meghan,” shattering records with a whopping 81.6 million hours watched in just the first four days. With Meghan’s new role as a Duchess and her involvement in such a massively successful documentary, it’s not hard to believe that viewers would be curious to dive into her past roles, especially her standout performance in “Suits”.

Calls for a Revival Amid Challenges

The newfound popularity has sparked conversations around the possibility of a “Suits” revival. But herein lies the challenge. Markle’s retirement from acting post her royal duties means that getting the entire original cast might be a tall order. But die-hard fans can still hope. After all, every time Adams’ character Mike Ross made a return to Pearson Hardman in the final seasons, he always had an update about Rachel. So, even if Markle doesn’t return, perhaps “Suits” can still provide fans a peek into Rachel’s life after the series.

In a world of streaming giants and countless series, it’s fascinating to witness the revival of a series, all thanks to the interplay of royalty, love, and a dash of real-world fairy tale.