Percy Jackson and the Olympians Full Cast: Lighting Up Disney+ This December

Disney Plus is poised to bring mythology back to life with its latest series, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” premiering just in time for the holiday season on December 20th. The series is an adaptation of Rick Riordan’s best-selling Percy Jackson novels, a staple of modern young adult literature, which last graced screens in 2013 with its film series. With a stellar cast and a Christmas release, this series promises a magical blend of youthful adventure and ancient legends, rekindling the fire of the beloved franchise.

Walker Scobell Anchors the Cast as Percy Jackson

Walker Scobell steps into the shoes of Percy Jackson, the demigod son of Poseidon, who embarks on epic quests alongside his friends Annabeth and Grover. Scobell, whose previous credits include “The Adam Project” and “Secret Headquarters,” brings a fresh energy to the titular role of Percy, setting the stage for a new generation’s hero.

A Cast of Olympians and Mortals Alike

Scobell is joined by a diverse and talented ensemble, bringing to life the world of demigods, monsters, and gods.

Leah Sava Jeffries portrays Annabeth Chase, the wise daughter of Athena, with prior appearances in “Empire” and “Rel.”

Aryan Simhadri plays the Satyr Grover Underwood, Percy’s loyal friend, recognized from “Will & Grace” and “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda steps into the winged shoes of Hermes, showcasing the god’s trickster charm—a stark contrast to his acclaimed roles in “Hamilton” and “In the Heights.”

Megan Mullally channels her comedic flair into Alecto, a Fury in disguise, known for her role in “Will & Grace.”

Toby Stephens assumes the mantle of Poseidon, bringing his gravitas from “Die Another Day” and “Lost In Space.”

Virginia Kull plays Sally Jackson, Percy’s mother, with credits including “Big Little Lies” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

Jason Mantzoukas lights up the screen as Dionysus, expanding his comedic repertoire from “Parks and Recreation” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

And the roster continues with Jay Duplass‘ Hades, Glynn Turman‘s Chiron, Lance Reddick‘s Zeus in one of his final performances, Adam Copeland‘s Ares, Charlie Bushnell‘s Luke Castellan, Dior Goodjohn‘s Clarisse La Rue, Jessica Parker Kennedy‘s Medusa, Suzanne Cryer‘s Echidna, Timm Sharp‘s Gabe Ugliano, and Timothy Omundson as Hephaestus.

The Saga’s Resurgence on Disney Plus

After a decade, the Percy Jackson saga has found a new home on Disney Plus. The streaming platform has proven to be a fertile ground for adapting beloved stories, offering a modern retelling of these cherished tales with a fidelity to the source material that fans have long desired. The promise of adventure, friendship, and mythological thrills stands at the forefront of this highly anticipated series.

With “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” Disney Plus looks to strike a chord with audiences old and new, merging the wonder of ancient myths with the relatable journey of adolescence. As the gods descend this December, fans eagerly anticipate a series that faithfully brings Riordan’s vision to life, crafted with the spectacle and heart that Disney Plus has come to be known for.

This ensemble, rich in diversity and talent, aligns with the narrative’s expansive mythos, promising a vibrant and dynamic addition to the Percy Jackson legacy.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Full Cast: Lighting Up Disney+ This December