Prime Video’s 007 Cast: Inside Prime Video’s Newest Adventure Series ‘007: Road To A Million’

Embarking on a Million-Dollar Mission

The stakes couldn’t be higher as nine dynamic duos from diverse backgrounds embark on the quest of a lifetime in Prime Video’s thrilling new adventure series, “007: Road To A Million.” With a hefty prize of up to £1,000,000 on the line, these pairs will be tested in true James Bond fashion, facing challenges that span across the globe from the Scottish Highlands to the serene canals of Venice and the tropical warmth of Jamaica.

The World as Their Playground

In what promises to be a blend of high-stakes action and brain-teasing trivia, contestants will not only have to excel in physical challenges but also unravel questions concealed within the world’s nooks and crannies to proceed to the next phase of their daring journey.

Brian Cox: From Succession to Superspy Storyteller

Guiding these contestants through their paces is none other than the ‘Controller’, played by the Emmy and Golden Globe winner Brian Cox. Fresh off his stint as the formidable Logan Roy in “Succession,” Cox is ready to don a new cap.

“I got to see how ordinary people would cope with being on a James Bond adventure. As they travel the world to some of the most iconic Bond locations, it gets more intense and nail-biting. I enjoyed my role as both villain and tormentor, with license to put the hopeful participants through the mangle,” Cox shared about his exhilarating new role.

A Closer Look at the Cast Ready to Shake and Stir the Competition

“007: Road To A Million” is not just about the adrenaline-fueled escapades; it’s about the contestants with compelling stories and backgrounds that add depth to the high-octane series. Here’s a snapshot of the diverse cast that is set to win hearts and take risks:

James and Joey: The South West London Siblings

Brothers James and Joey hail from South West London and boast a bond that transcends their six-year age gap. Joey, an electrician-turned-black-cab-driver, and James, a copywriter with a passion for music and comedy, are ready to bring their sibling synergy to the forefront of this competition.

Beth and Jen: The Dauntless Duo

Both rooted in emergency care, Jen’s background as a prison nurse and RAF reserve contrasts with Beth’s international emergency department work. Now, as an advanced clinical practitioner, Beth brings her critical thinking skills to the game.

Kamara and Josh: Partners in Travel and Life

Youth workers Kamara and Josh share a passion for travel and anthropology. Their bond has blossomed into a partnership ready to navigate the cultural puzzles and challenges this show will throw at them.

Sana and Saiqa: The Dynamic Sister Act

Sisters Sana and Saiqa, with their international upbringing and strong educational background, are looking to leverage their close-knit relationship and intellectual prowess as they chase the million-dollar prize.

James and Sam: The Father-Son Adventurers

James, a father with a demanding job on oil rigs, and his son, Sam, a bartender with ambitions to learn Spanish, are on a mission to create unforgettable memories and bond over the challenges ahead.

Keith and Nick: Retired Officers on a New Beat

Keith and Nick bring their police experience and calm-under-pressure attitudes to the table, looking to inject humor and camaraderie into every challenge they face.

Colin and Danny: The Brotherhood Rekindled

Connected by their Jamaican heritage and a decade-long friendship, Colin and Danny are set to prove that their understanding and common roots can help them conquer the game.

Grace and Daniella: The Radio Presenters Tuning into Adventure

Friends since their cold days distributing leaflets, Grace and Daniella have climbed their way up the radio industry. Now, they tune into a different frequency, ready to broadcast their journey to victory.

Tanaka and James: From Schoolmates to World Travelers

The athletic Tanaka and the charismatic James have maintained their strong friendship through university and shared global escapades. Their complementary strengths will be tested as they face off against other teams.
With the cast unveiled and the stage set, “007: Road To A Million” is shaping up to be a heart-racing series filled with drama, laughter, and suspense. As these pairs of contestants gear up for the challenge of a lifetime, viewers can buckle up for a series that promises to deliver action, wit, and a touch of the Bond legacy.

Prime Video’s 007 Cast: Inside Prime Video’s Newest Adventure Series ‘007: Road To A Million’