Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 3, The Algorithms of Change, Recap, Review

The Plot

In the third episode of Rabbit Hole, titled “The Algorithms of Change,” we get an insight into John Weir’s background and how he became part of Arda Analytics.


The episode opens up in 2018 with John’s father discussing the rules of a game with him. This game is about trusting each other entirely and doubting everyone else. Miles Valence, who is equally intelligent as John, was also in the room.

Flashbacks show John and Miles in an orphanage, where Miles tells John about his findings on code-breaking back home. They sneak out of the orphanage to discover what’s inside a safe in John’s burnt house.

Algorithmic Model

Fast forward to 2013, John and Miles team up to mess with people’s minds using science to compete for clients. This was the beginning of their algorithmic model, which resulted in the formation of Arda Analytics. John pitched using big data to predict customer behavior and drive companies.

In 2017, John and Miles worked together to build up Arda Analytics. John’s father appears and tells him about an exploded plane and how Crowley was responsible and looking to bring about a New World Order. John initially doesn’t believe him, but he eventually hears him out a year later after a terrorist attack.

Haley’s situation

In the present, John debates about killing Haley since he isn’t sure if she’s involved in his problems. John tries to hack into Miles’ computer but fails, and Haley takes a burner phone outside. Ben, John’s father, confronts Haley and asks her two questions – who are you, and who are you working for?

“I like being the bad guy,” Miles says, after the deed is done.

“The evidence of which happens to be on the persons of a guy on that very flight that blew up,” Ben says.


The episode ends with Xander Arnaz, the guy looking to stop John, closing in on his location. Before they can find his exact location, Xander is called away.

This episode helps us understand the background of John and Miles’ friendship and how they built up Arda Analytics. We also see how John’s father plays a vital role in the story. The plot thickens with John trying to hack into Miles’ computer and Haley’s involvement in his problems.

Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 3, The Algorithms of Change, Recap, Review


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