Remedy Entertainment Revamps Future Game: Codename Vanguard Transforms into Kestrel

Remedy’s Shift from Vanguard to Kestrel: A Strategic Move

Alan Wake 2: A Springboard for Change

Remedy Entertainment, riding high on the success of their latest release, “Alan Wake 2,” has taken a bold step in reshaping one of their upcoming projects. “Alan Wake 2,” a survivor horror game, has not only received rave reviews but also secured nominations in eight categories at The Game Awards 2023, including Best Direction and Game of the Year. This success seems to have influenced the studio’s decision-making process regarding their future endeavors.

Transitioning from Free-to-Play to Premium

In a surprising move, Remedy has announced a fundamental shift in one of their key projects, Codename Vanguard, now rebranded as Kestrel. Initially envisioned as a free-to-play co-op game, Kestrel has moved back into the concept phase. CEO Tero Virtala attributes this change to the volatile nature of the free-to-play market, stating that Kestrel will now align more closely with “Remedy’s core competences.”


The Evolving Landscape of Remedy’s Game Development

A Portfolio of Diverse Projects

Aside from Kestrel, Remedy is currently juggling several major projects. A sequel to the 2019 action hit “Control” is underway, along with ground-up remakes of the first two “Max Payne” titles, in collaboration with Rockstar Games. Another notable project is the co-op “Control” spinoff, codenamed Condor, set to be published by 505 Games.

Team Realignment: A Focus on Quality

With Kestrel’s shift in direction, members of the original Vanguard team are being redeployed to other in-development titles, including Condor, Control 2, and the Max Payne remakes. This redistribution of resources hints at Remedy’s commitment to maintaining high standards across all their projects.

Kestrel: The Future of Remedy’s Co-Op Ambitions

Reimagining Kestrel: Embracing Remedy’s Strengths

Kestrel, now re-entering its conceptual stage, is poised to lean into Remedy’s established expertise. The studio has hinted that Kestrel will incorporate many elements initially designed for Vanguard, suggesting a blend of new ideas with Remedy’s signature style.

What Lies Ahead for Kestrel

While details on Kestrel remain scarce, its departure from a purely co-op multiplayer format indicates a pivot towards more traditional, single-player experiences – a domain where Remedy has historically excelled. This strategic shift could potentially broaden the game’s appeal to a wider audience.

A Patient Wait for Remedy’s Upcoming Ventures

With Kestrel back to the drawing board and several other high-profile projects in the pipeline, fans of Remedy Entertainment may have to wait a bit longer for further updates. Following the recent release of “Alan Wake 2,” the studio is likely to focus on the ongoing development of the Max Payne remakes and other titles before shedding more light on Kestrel’s progress.

As Remedy Entertainment continues to evolve and adapt in the dynamic gaming industry, their commitment to quality and innovation remains steadfast. The reimagining of Codename Vanguard into Kestrel exemplifies the studio’s dedication to delivering compelling gaming experiences that resonate with their audience. Stay tuned for more updates as Remedy shapes the future of gaming with its diverse and exciting portfolio.

Remedy Entertainment Revamps Future Game: Codename Vanguard Transforms into Kestrel