‘Rick and Morty’s’ New Voice Actors Share Their Toughest Challenges

The Transition to New Voice Actors in Rick and Morty Season 7

“Rick and Morty,” the critically acclaimed animated series on Adult Swim, embarked on its seventh season with a significant change – new voice actors for the beloved characters Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. The departure of series co-creator and former voice actor Justin Roiland led to the casting of Ian Cardoni as Rick and Harry Belden as Morty. This transition marked a new era for the show and a challenging journey for the actors who stepped into these iconic roles.

Inside the Recording Booth: Challenges Faced by Cardoni and Belden

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden delved into their experiences of joining “Rick and Morty.” With Season 7 already completed, they faced the daunting task of not only finding their unique voice but also honoring the established essence of the characters.

Cardoni’s Struggle: Balancing Voice and Character Depth

Ian Cardoni shared his insights, “I’m sure you mean vocally, but more than the voice itself, it’s doing justice to the writing we’re given.” He emphasized the importance of staying true to the script’s intention and narrative. One significant note Cardoni received was to bring out more of Rick’s abrasive nature, which required him to tap into the darker aspects of his personality to resonate with Rick’s character.

Belden’s Vocal Journey and Morty’s Complexity

Harry Belden echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the precision of the show’s writing and the need to explore various interpretations of Morty. He recalled his vocal challenge with the F-word, spending countless hours perfecting the pronunciation. Belden was also struck by Morty’s layered personality, explaining, “Also, something that surprised me about Morty is how multifaceted he is as a character.” This complexity led to varied approaches to a particular scene between Rick and Morty, each reflecting a different aspect of Morty’s personality.

The Responsibility of Portraying Rick and Morty

Both actors recognized the weight of their responsibility in taking on these roles. The need to do justice to the series’ writing and the characters’ legacy was paramount. Their dedication to understanding and embodying Rick and Morty’s personalities is a testament to their commitment to the show and its fans.

In conclusion, the arrival of Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden as the new voices of Rick and Morty signifies a fresh perspective on these beloved characters. Their journey in capturing the essence of Rick and Morty, while bringing their individuality to the roles, showcases the dynamic nature of voice acting and the evolving landscape of animated storytelling. As “Rick and Morty” Season 7 continues, audiences can look forward to experiencing these familiar characters through a new lens, adding depth and diversity to the show’s rich narrative tapestry.

‘Rick and Morty’s’ New Voice Actors Share Their Toughest Challenges