Rising Star Sabo Outshines Mentor Dragon in One Piece, What’s Next for the Revolutionary Hero?

In the enthralling universe of “One Piece,” the anime’s narrative has taken a pivotal turn, diverting attention from the Wano arc to bring into focus the unfolding events across the wider world. This shift has spotlighted a remarkable development: Sabo, a key figure in the Revolutionary Army, has reportedly orchestrated the assassination of King Nefertari Cobra. This act has not only kindled revolutionary fervor among the masses but has also intriguingly elevated Sabo’s reputation, surpassing even that of his mentor, Monkey D. Dragon, the notorious leader of the Revolutionary Army.

Dragon in One Piece the Revolutionary Hero

The Flame Emperor’s Legacy

Sabo’s journey, from his childhood bond with Luffy and Ace to his brush with death at the hands of a celestial dragon, culminates in his rescue and subsequent nurturing under Dragon’s wing. Rising rapidly within the Revolutionary Army ranks, Sabo, now the Chief of Staff, has showcased formidable prowess. His mastery over haki and the Ryusoken fighting style, further augmented by his acquisition of the Flame Flame fruit, has earned him the moniker “Flame Emperor.”

Dragon’s Shadow: The Insurgent Serpent

Monkey D. Dragon’s transformation from a Marine to the founder of the Freedom Fighters, eventually the Revolutionary Army, paints him as the World Government’s most wanted criminal. His relentless crusade against the World Government’s tyranny, recruiting powerful allies along the way, has made him a polarizing figure – a feared criminal to some, a heroic liberator to others.

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The Tipping Point: Sabo’s Rising Star

The events at Mary Geoise during the post-reverie period have been pivotal in shifting the public’s admiration towards Sabo. His daring acts, including the destruction of symbols representing the Celestial Dragons and the alleged assassination of King Nefertari Cobra, coupled with his dramatic rescue of Bartholomew Kuma and successful evasion of the Admirals, have significantly bolstered his standing. Sabo’s actions, paralleled by his brother Luffy’s defeat of Kaido, have not only heightened his esteem but also visibly dented the Marines’ authority.

Dragon in One Piece

The Revolutionary Army and the World’s Future

With the One Piece anime edging into its final saga, the intensifying clash between the Revolutionary Army and the World Government is inevitable. The aftermath of King Cobra’s death has plunged the kingdom of Arabasta into chaos, further complicating the geopolitical landscape. Sabo’s controversial act, whether true or not, has galvanized the Revolutionary Army’s image and stoked the flames of rebellion. The impending final showdown, with Luffy now an Emperor and Sabo wielding significant influence, promises to be a climactic battle that will reshape the world of One Piece.

Rising Star Sabo Outshines Mentor Dragon in One Piece, What’s Next for the Revolutionary Hero?