Rob Van Dam Reveals Perks of WWE Championship: First-Class Flights and More

Rob Van Dam, fondly known as RVD, the high-flying icon of professional wrestling, recently shared a little-known advantage that comes with being the WWE Champion. On his “1 Of a Kind” podcast, RVD opened up about this special perk he discovered during his 2006 championship reign, offering fans a rare glimpse into the privileges of holding one of WWE’s most coveted titles.

The Secret of First-Class Travel as WWE Champion

RVD, known for his candid personality and openness, discussed a unique benefit that came unexpectedly during his time as WWE Champion. “The greatest secret in the business — I never, ever, ever heard this,” he revealed, highlighting the exclusivity of this information. His discovery? Being upgraded to first-class travel while holding the championship.

Experiencing the Champion’s Life

Van Dam recounted his surprise upon learning that as WWE Champion, he was entitled to travel in first-class comfort. “When I got the WWE Championship belt, then all of a sudden I got bumped up to first class,” he shared. This revelation was a stark contrast to his previous experiences, as RVD had never heard of such a perk before his championship reign.

Adapting to Every Situation: The Champion’s Comfort

In cases where first-class seating was unavailable due to smaller aircraft, WWE ensured that their champion still traveled in luxury. RVD explained, “If it was an airplane that didn’t have first class available because the airplane was too small or whatever, they would literally buy two seats and I’d have the seat next to me open and they were both mine.” This level of accommodation was a new and unexpected experience for him.

The Unspoken Benefits of Being on Top

RVD’s revelation points to the unspoken benefits that come with being at the pinnacle of WWE. While the fame, glory, and in-ring accolades are well-known, it’s these behind-the-scenes perks that often remain hidden from public view. His candid disclosure on the podcast gives fans a peek into the lifestyle changes that accompany a wrestler’s rise to the top in WWE.

The Unseen Side of WWE Glory

Rob Van Dam’s experience as WWE Champion reveals more than just the physical demands and public accolades associated with the title. It sheds light on the subtle yet significant ways in which WWE values and treats its champions, ensuring comfort and luxury in their travels. RVD’s story is a reminder that the life of a WWE Champion is filled with perks and privileges that go beyond the wrestling ring.

Rob Van Dam Reveals Perks of WWE Championship: First-Class Flights and More