RWBY Volume 10 Release Date Update for Crunchyroll, Preview, Watch Online and Everything Else You Need to Know

RWBY has been winning the hearts of fans for 10 years. RWBY Volume 10 will be out very soon, and fans are looking for all the latest updates available for the same.

RWBY follows the story of four students: Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xiao Long. All are great friends and function as a team to become the greatest monster hunters. The anime was released in 2013 and was meant to be a simple story of youngsters who aspire to be future heroes. But the unexpected popularity of the series made it a worldwide phenomenon.

RWBY has the honour of being the first American anime-influenced production that was a huge hit in Japan in terms of the total number of exports. Volume 9 is finished, and now it’s time for the release of Volume 10. How will the events proceed in the latest chapter?

RWBY has been winning the hearts of fans for 10 years.

When Is RWBY Volume 10 Being Released?

The latest update says that RWBY hasn’t been renewed for Volume 10 yet. Geoff Yetter, one of the licencing managers for this series, revealed that there are no plans regarding the development of Volume 10. As of April 2023, no information on RWYB Volume 10 has been released. But rest assured. We’ll immediately update you on the renewal status and release date once we are notified.

(RWBY Volume 10 possible spoilers /j)

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RWBY Volume 10 Preview

The team arrives at Remnant after tackling the challenges they faced in the Ever After dimension. RWBY Volume 9’s conclusion did offer some insights into the new volume. Jaune will reach Vacuo. We believe that Remnant will face a time skip. Blacksmith’s dialogue in the final scenes strongly hinted at the possibility of a time skip in the next volume.

Fans have been showering praises for volume 9 on social media. Infact few have dubbed it the best volume so far. Have you finished all the episodes of Volume 9?

The hiatus was definitely worth the wait#RWBYV9 the best volume so far
Can’t wait to see what volume 10 has in store for us!#ThankYouCRWBY #RWBYV9Spoilers #RWBY9 #RWBYSpoilers #RWBY

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RWBY Volume 10 Production

Rooster Teeth has been handling the production work for this series since its inception. RWBY Volume 10 will also be produced by the same studio. The series began as a passion project, and no one at Rooster Teeth had any idea that it would extend for almost nine volumes. The work for the new volume has indeed begun but the series hasn’t received any green signal yet. Perhaps the makers are keeping a watch on the viewership of the previous volume. Fans on various platforms like Reddit are discussing the possibilities for it and why RWYB Volume 10 is a must for a definite conclusion to the much-loved series.

Fans are hopeful that the series will be renewed for another volume

How To Watch RWBY Volume 10 Online

RWBY’s latest episodes are used exclusively on the Rooster Teeth website. But the makers decided to air Volume 9 only on Crunchyroll. This decision was taken to help the RWBY franchise expand more since Crunchyroll is the most popular platform to stream anime internationally.

The streaming platforms for anime are devising new strategies to enhance their market share and popularity. Crunchyroll already contains all the previous volumes of RWBY. The Rooster Teeth website also has all the volumes except the ninth one (which will be available in a few months). So Volume 10 will also stream on Crunchyroll.

As you await the release date for Volume 10, check out the top fight scenes from the latest volume.

RWBY Volume 10 Release Date Update for Crunchyroll, Preview, Watch Online and Everything Else You Need to Know