Ryan Reynolds Spills on Dreaming of Daughters and the Silly Side of Star-studded Parenting

The Desire for Daughters: An Intimate Look into Reynolds’s Dreams

It’s not every day that a Hollywood heartthrob reveals his aspirations for a big family, but for Ryan Reynolds, his dreams have always veered towards a household filled with little princesses. Drawing from a candid chat with Jess Cagle back in 2020, the world got a glimpse into Reynolds’s family aspirations.

He nostalgically recalled his childhood, being the youngest among four brothers, and how the very chaos of their upbringing stoked his desire for daughters.

“If I could have nine daughters I would be thrilled. Really! I genuinely would be,” the actor ardently professed.

Reynolds paints a humorous picture, reminiscing about the mischief he and his brothers would get up to, leading to his desire for a calmer home environment with daughters. Jokingly he mentioned, “I just want the house to be normal.”

And who ensures this ‘normal’? Blake Lively, his doting wife, is credited with creating a warm nest for their family. The actor, with a chuckle, jestingly remarked how he believes Blake wouldn’t appreciate any holes in their home walls. Ryan, always quick with his wit, also poked fun at the act of conceiving, pointing out its commonplace nature. But, the birth of a child, he emphasized, is a profoundly “amazing” experience. He expressed his wonder, saying, “I always marvel at how common it is, yet how profound it is.”

A Candid Take on Celebrity Parenthood

While Reynolds is known for his quirky humor and distinct perspective on life, he doesn’t shy away from pointing out the oddities in Hollywood, especially when it concerns parenthood. The ‘Free Guy’ star couldn’t help but express his bemusement at celebrities who sometimes fall into the trap of being overly self-obsessed about their kids.

“I always laugh because celebrities… talk about like, ‘My child is the only one who has ever exited a womb ever!’” he remarked.

While the Deadpool actor embraces his love for his children, he remains aware of the need to tread lightly, keen on not sounding too over-the-top. After all, many traverse the path of parenthood, and he wishes to respect that shared journey. Summing up his feelings, he admits, “I truly worship that kid.”

Ryan’s candid revelations not only offered a peek into his journey as a father but also presented a refreshing and sincere perspective on the challenges and joys of Hollywood parenthood.

Source: Pinkvilla