Samsung’s Best Black Friday Deals Now Live for Dozens of Galaxy Devices

It’s that time of the year again when Black Friday deals become the talk of the town, and Samsung is not holding back. This year, Samsung is rolling out some of its most significant discounts, but there’s a twist – these irresistible offers are exclusive to its Shop app.

Unlock Black Friday Magic: Exclusive Samsung Deals in Your Pocket!

The Irresistible Pull of the Shop Samsung App

Samsung’s Black Friday deals are creating a buzz, and rightly so. For instance, the Shop Samsung app opens up with an enticing offer: Spend $250 for the first time and get a $25 discount. While this might seem modest, it’s a smart start to a shopping spree, especially if you’re eyeing accessories for a new Samsung device.

Galaxy Devices at Jaw-Dropping Prices

Dig a little deeper into the app, and you’ll find Galaxy devices, including the coveted Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, at a whopping 25% off until December 3. Unlike the Samsung website, the app doesn’t just stop at the base discount; it takes a step further by offering additional discounts on cases and accessories, making it a more lucrative shopping avenue.

I didn’t GO to Costco planning to get a new phone, but Black Friday sales prevailed. Stoked. #samsung

— Matt Sowinski (@matt_silversoul) November 17, 2023

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 Deal: A Steal You Can’t Ignore

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 deal on the app is particularly noteworthy. Not only does it come with a 25% discount, but it also includes a free memory upgrade from 256GB to 512GB – a deal sweetener worth $100.

Revolutionize Your Tech Game with Samsung’s Shop App Specials

Why the Shop Samsung App is a Game Changer

Beyond the discounts, the Shop Samsung app shines in other areas too. It continues to offer boosted trade-ins, making it an attractive platform for upgrading your Samsung devices. The table below highlights the advantages of using the app over the website:

Shop Samsung app offer
Max trade-in

Galaxy Z Fold 5
25% off and free memory upgrade
30% off cases, Buds 2 Pro for $49.99

Galaxy S23 Ultra
25% off
50% off cases, Buds 2 Pro for $49.99

How to Download the Shop Samsung App

Getting the Shop Samsung app is easy. Samsung has cleverly set it up so that visiting their website during Black Friday prompts you to download the app, or you can directly get it from the Google Play Store. Remember, the app is your gateway to the best deals, so downloading it is a must for any savvy shopper.

Samsung’s Black Friday: Shop App Deals Too Good to Miss.

Final Thoughts

Samsung’s Black Friday strategy is clear – prioritize the Shop Samsung app. While you can still snag some deals on their website, the app-exclusive offers, especially on devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy S23 Ultra, are too good to pass up. If you’re in the market for a Samsung upgrade, this Black Friday, the Shop Samsung app is your go-to destination for the best deals.

Samsung’s Best Black Friday Deals Now Live for Dozens of Galaxy Devices