Selena Gomez’s Surprise Hand Injury & The Truth Behind ‘Single Soon’ Song Rumors

Selena Gomez Sets The Record Straight: Music, Rumors, and a Mysterious Injury

In an era where the public’s interest in celebrities isn’t just limited to their craft but extends to their personal lives, Selena Gomez, the multi-talented sensation, keeps her fans on their toes. From dazzling on screen in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building to churning out chart-topping hits, Gomez’s journey is a testament to her undying spirit. But amid the success stories and record-breaking accolades, Selena manages to remain transparent and unfiltered, especially with her loyal followers.

Gomez: The Unfazed Songbird

Despite being a global icon, Gomez’s recent interactions hint at her nonchalant attitude towards record sales. After a year-long hiatus, Selena treated her fans with her latest song “Single Soon.” But it was her surprising reaction to a fan’s excitement over the song’s predicted success that stole the spotlight.

While fans eagerly speculated about “Single Soon” making its way to Billboard’s Hot 100, Gomez’s response was refreshingly candid. “I don’t care about selling anything. I’m just happy to make music with my friends,” she commented on an Instagram post. Her focus on the joy of creation rather than commercial success is a reminder of her genuine passion for music.

Addressing The Elephant in the Room

But that wasn’t the only revelation Gomez made. She cryptically added, “Broke my hand and had surgery.” A curveball that left fans puzzled, especially since there was no mention or hint about this injury on her personal Instagram. Her followers are now abuzz with concerns and questions about what happened.

Dispelling Relationship Rumors

With the release of any song, especially from artists as prominent as Gomez, there’s bound to be some speculation. Many believed that “Single Soon” alluded to Gomez’s 2017 relationship with The Weeknd. However, Selena, always one to speak her truth, clarified on Hollywood Life’s Instagram that the rumor “Couldn’t be more false.” Gomez’s proactive approach to addressing such speculations head-on demonstrates her commitment to authenticity.


In today’s age, celebrities often feel the pressure to maintain a certain image or persona. Yet, stars like Selena Gomez challenge this norm, opting for transparency and authenticity. Whether it’s about her music, past relationships, or even mysterious injuries, Gomez ensures she’s in control of her narrative. As fans continue to send her wishes for a swift recovery, one thing is certain: Selena’s spirit remains unbreakable.

Source: toofab