Simon Cowell Says ‘No Way’ to Son Eric’s America’s Got Talent Dreams Despite Drumming Skills

Simon Cowell’s Talent Hopes for Young Eric

When Simon Cowell, a name synonymous with talent spotting, compliments a musician, it usually holds weight. But what happens when that musician is his own son?

The “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) judge recently shared some fatherly insights about his 9-year-old son, Eric, who has seemingly inherited a penchant for rhythm. “He’s a good drummer,” Cowell proudly revealed in a conversation with People. The natural follow-up question arises, will young Eric grace the AGT stage one day? “He really is. I mean, he’s in time. He’s in rhythm. I keep saying to him, ‘If you’re good, never come on the show,’” Cowell added, with his characteristic wit.

A Father’s Relief: It’s Drums, Not Violin

A father’s love and humor clearly shine through as Simon playfully expressed his relief: “Thank God it wasn’t violin, it was drums.” However, it isn’t the AGT stage he envisions for Eric, despite his evident musical prowess. Rather, Simon cherishes the moments when Eric is part of the audience. Having accompanied his father since he was “really young”, Eric’s candid reactions serve as a genuine yardstick for performances. “He’s a great barometer,” said Cowell. The sight of Eric enjoying himself, completely “unfiltered”, is what Simon values most.

Simon Cowell: The Man Behind the Talent

Cowell’s vast experience in the music industry needs no introduction. Founder and owner of the British entertainment powerhouse, Syco, Simon has also been the brain behind massive franchises like “X Factor” and “Got Talent”. Not just behind the scenes, Simon’s sharp critiques and insights as a judge on “Pop Idol”, “The X Factor UK”, “Britain’s Got Talent”, “American Idol”, and “The X Factor US” have often been the talk of the town.

Yet, in a twist of irony, he admits, “I actually don’t have any performing talent whatsoever.” If ever there was a stage collaboration with Eric, Cowell jokes that he would be the silent cheerleader in the wings, letting his son take center stage.

Eric’s Serious Ambitions

This isn’t the first time the topic of Eric’s stage aspirations has surfaced. Simon disclosed that Eric has a burning desire to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent”. Reflecting on the idea, Simon called it “torture”, especially with Eric’s intent to not only drum but also sing on stage. “I mean, of all the things I’ve ever done, this will probably be the hardest,” Cowell admitted.

His concerns seem to stem more from the protective instincts of a father rather than a seasoned judge. With Eric’s evident seriousness about performing and possibly joining his peers on stage, Simon can only hope that Eric might reconsider and perhaps take a seat beside him as a judge in the future.

Family Moments

Simon and his fiancée Lauren Silverman welcomed Eric into their lives on Valentine’s Day, 2014. Their love story bloomed into an engagement in January 2022. While their personal life continues to blossom, the world awaits to see if Eric will eventually follow his father’s footsteps into the entertainment industry or carve a different path.

For fans eager to catch the latest from “America’s Got Talent”, the show airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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