Stacie Zabka Biography, Personal Life, Career, Net worth & Other Details

Stacy Lynn Doss, who is more famously known as Stacie Zabka, is best recognized for her marriage to the actor of The Karate Kid, William Zabka. In 2008, the two tied the knot and have since welcomed two sons into their family.

While William Zabka is a famous actor known for his action movies, there isn’t much known about Stacie. Today, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about the celebrity wife.

Who is Stacie Zabka?

Stacie Zabka, formerly known as Stacie Lynn Doss, is a businesswoman who married the famous actor, William Zabka. William is known for portraying the role of the antagonist in the 1984 hit movie, Karate Kid.

Since her wedding to her husband, she has achieved fame in the media, although she keeps a low profile. The most recent attention she gained was in 2010 when she and her partner attended a movie premiere together, making headlines.

Stacie was born and raised in the United States of America on May 17th, 1974 in a Christian family. Now 49 years old, her star sign is Taurus. This upbringing instilled in her a strong Christian faith that she shares with her husband, who spoke about it in an interview with Sonoma Christian Home and Mckaley Miller from the movie Where Hope Grows in 2015.

She is a loving wife and a caring mother who prefers to keep her life away from the public eye, as she is not present on any social media platform. She has two children for whom she provides immense protection and care.


No information is available regarding her work history. Even though she is a talented businessperson, she keeps the specifics of her business under wraps. Her last public meeting was at the opening of the Karate Kid movie in 2010, alongside her husband.

Her husband, William Zabka, is a distinguished American producer and actor renowned for his role as Johnny in the 1984 hit movie The Karate Kid, which was highly popular in America. He also has had a part in many other major Hollywood films, including The Mel Fisher Story, The Python, and Back to School. Zabka was most recently spotted in the hit Netflix series, Cobra Kai where he plays the role of Johnny Lawrence.

Stacie Zabka & William Zabka Relationship

Stacie Zabka and William Zabka tied the knot in a tiny wedding that only a select group of relatives and acquaintances attended in 2008. In the years that followed, the couple welcomed two children into the world – both of whom are boys. Little is known about the boys, but Stacie is known to be a fiercely protective mother.

Despite the media attention Stacie and William have received, they have kept their relationship and marriage under wraps. This suggests they are both very private people, which is why there is little to no information about their family life nor have they been involved in any scandals.


William and Stacie have a policy of keeping their personal life and professional lives distinct, however, the Cobra Kai star has revealed details of his experience of parenting his two sons. In a January 2021 interview with People, William referred to himself as a “camp counselor-type guy”. He went on to say,

“One thing I’ve learned about having the responsibility of being a father is that you think it’s going to take your time, but it feeds you.”

William has periodically taken to social media to display his close relationship with his kids, including a charming snapshot of him with his sons on Father’s Day in 2015, and more recently, some photos of his and his son’s surfing adventure in August 2018.

What is Stacie Zabka’s Net Worth?

Stacie Zabka is a businesswoman who is estimated to have a net worth of $100,000. This figure, however, is not officially confirmed. Her spouse, in contrast, is believed to have amassed $3 million from his acting career.

Stacie Zabka Biography, Personal Life, Career, Net worth & Other Details