‘Stop..’: Nick Jonas Tells Fans to Stop Throwing Items Onstage during California Concert

Nick Jonas Urges Fans to Halt Dangerous Onstage Trend During Recent Concert

The Jonas Brothers’ show in Sacramento, California was interrupted by a series of unexpected on-stage projectiles. Concert attendees were enthralled by the brother trio’s rendition of “Rollercoaster” when Nick Jonas, the youngest of the three, took a pause to address an alarming trend.

A Risky Trend on the Rise

Performers being pelted by objects from the audience is not a new phenomenon, but the rising frequency and the potential risks associated with it are concerning. In a candid clip that surfaced on TikTok, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter is spotted skillfully catching a few bracelets flung in his direction. However, the jovial atmosphere quickly shifts when Nick pleads with fans to “stop” this dangerous behavior.


Nick is fed up with yall throwing stuff on stage???? he was really like “stop” #ionasbrothersconcert #sacramentoca #jonasbrotherstour #golden1center #golden1centersacramento #nickjonas @Nick Jonas @Jonas Brothers

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It’s an issue that hasn’t been limited to the Jonas Brothers. Over the recent months, various stars have voiced their concerns over being targeted with objects during their performances. Notably, Bebe Rexha suffered an injury in New York City after a fan hurled a cell phone at her. The incident was serious enough to result in the arrest of the perpetrator. Across the Atlantic, the renowned Harry Styles faced a similar challenge, being hit by objects multiple times during his European tour.

A Tour of Milestones and Memories

Beyond the fleeting disruptions, the Jonas Brothers’ tour is a testament to their enduring appeal and continued musical evolution. Their grandiosely titled “Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour” began with a bang at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York City, in August.

This unique tour promises an auditory journey spanning five distinct albums, from their recent masterpiece, “The Album”, released in May, to chart-toppers like “Happiness Begins” from 2019 and the nostalgic “A Little Bit Longer” from 2008.

In a chat with PEOPLE, Nick elaborated on the scale and ambition of the ongoing tour. “It’s our most ambitious show we’ve ever put on,” he shared. The challenge of representing five albums in one concert is a testament to the trio’s commitment to their fans. Reflecting on the past, he added, “it’s amazing to just go back and look at the road that brought us to this moment now.”

An intriguing aspect of this tour is the opportunity it presents for Nick. Having recorded some of the group’s initial albums as a teen, he now revisits them with a more mature vocal tone. “Going through voice changes while making these albums added an unnecessary level of grit to some of the vocal delivery,” Nick said. Reinterpreting these songs with a seasoned voice adds a fresh layer of depth to them, making the concert experience even more memorable for fans.

With their latest tour, the Jonas Brothers continue to showcase their musical prowess and deep bond. While the trend of throwing objects might be rising, one can hope that the shared love between artists and fans will help put an end to such incidents.

Source: People