Sydney Brooke Simpson: Where Is OJ Simpson’s Daughter Now?

Sydney Brooke Simpson, daughter of the former actor, footballer, and broadcaster OJ Simpson, gained fame due to her father’s murder trial at an early age. The star kid was thrown into the limelight when her father was accused of her mother’s murder.

Ever since OJ’s trial was concluded, Syndey has chosen to lead a private life away from the media attention. Many of OJ’s fans have been curious about his daughter’s whereabouts. Look no further as we’ve got all the information you need.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Bio Summary

Full name: Sydney Brooke Simpson

Date of birth: 17 October 1985

Age: 38 years old (as of 2023)

Zodiac sign: Libra

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Religion: Christianity

Current residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

Education: Gulliver Academy & Boston University

Nationality: American

Marital status: Single

Ethnicity: Mixed race (Caucasian mother & African-American father)

Gender: Female

Weight: 70 kgs (approx.)

Height: 172 cm

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Parents O. J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson

Siblings: Justin Ryan Simpson

Half-siblings: Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson, and Aaren Simpson (deceased)

Profession: Real estate agent/business owner

Early Life & Family Background

Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on October 17, 1985, to Nicole Brown Simpson and O. J. Simpson. She is the granddaughter of Juditha Anne Brown, Louis Hezekiel Brown, Eunice Simpson, and Jimmy Lee Simpson.

Sydney’s mother, Nicole worked as a waitress before marrying her father. On the other hand, her father, O. J. Simpson, made the move from being a top-notch professional football player to taking on roles in acting and advertising consultancy.

Her family has expanded with the addition of her younger brother, Justin Ryan Simpson, born in 1988. She also has step-siblings, namely Jason, Aaren, and Arnelle Simpson, who have all chosen to remain private and not engage with the media or comment on their father.

In addition to her own family, Sydney has three step-siblings due to her father’s prior relationship with Marguerite Whitely. Jason, Arnelle, and Aaren are kids from O.J. Simpson‘s first marriage. Arnelle, being the oldest of O.J.’s children, had a strong connection with her dad and provided her support during his 1995 court case.

Aaren, born in 1977, passed away at the tender age of two due to a terrible tragedy. The family was left in a state of anguish when the little one drowned in the pool, a tragedy that will never be forgotten.


Despite the hardships of her early life, Sydney Brooke Simpson dedicated herself to her education and joined Gulliver Academy Collegiate for two years. Subsequently, she was accepted to Boston University, and in 2010 she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the Arts and Sciences department.


After completing her studies, Sydney chose to pursue the same career path as her mother and entered the corporate world. She first worked as an event coordinator at Canoe in Florida and then moved on to become her own boss, starting a catering business with her brother Justin Ryan Simpson.

After all her dedicated effort, Brooke is now the proprietor of her own restaurant, Simpsy LLC, located in LA, California, USA. Sydney was the one who gave her guidance and managed the business as a successful businesswoman.

Is Sydney Brooke Simpson Married?

Rumors circulated that Sydney Brooke Simpson and real estate investor Robert Blackman were romantically involved, but they were later disproved.

From 2007 to 2012, she was in a relationship with Stuart Alexander Lee. The couple moved to Atlanta after they graduated, but eventually split up. Currently, Sydney Brooke Simpson is still unmarried and has yet to embark on the journey of matrimony.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Net Worth

It is speculated that Sydney’s net worth is somewhere around $1.5 million. However, the exact figure remains unknown and could be anywhere from $10,000 to $1.5 million. Her finances are likely derived from the profits of her two eateries and the three properties she owns.

Where is Syndey Brooke Simpson now?

Sydney Brooke Simpson and her brother, Justin, possess a luxurious estate in Los Angeles, CA, USA. The daughter of O.J. and her sibling are enjoying a tranquil and autonomous life in LA, and she desires to maintain her life private, far from the public eye.

Sydney Brooke Simpson: Where Is OJ Simpson’s Daughter Now?