Taylor Swift’s Concert Movie Tops DC & MCU in Box Office Presales

Taylor Swift’s Concert Movie: A Box Office Sensation

Taylor Swift, a name that reverberates not just in the music world, but now also in the box office. The upcoming Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour concert film is already leaving established box office giants like Marvel and DC in its trail.

Presales Figures: A Swift Ascend

The numbers don’t lie. The presales for Swift’s concert film have surpassed an astonishing $65 million, steering clear of the expectations set by huge franchises like Marvel and DC. To put things into perspective, Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness garnered $60 million in presales, while Matt Reeves’ The Batman claimed $42 million. The sheer magnitude of Swift’s anticipated success is clear, as the film is now aiming for the $100 million mark.

However, if there’s one film that still stands tall, it’s 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, which boasted of a massive $120 million in presales.

Swift’s Monumental Rise to Stardom

From belting out tunes at 14 to dominating the music industry charts, Taylor Swift’s journey is nothing short of a modern fairytale. The consistent sales and streaming records of her albums, as well as the immense demand for her concert tickets, are testaments to her unmatched influence and star power.

The concert movie stands as a beacon of hope for all the Swifties who missed out on her live performances. It promises a cinematic experience that gives a much broader audience a taste of her magic.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: A Swift Collaboration Ahead?

Rumors and film buffs never part ways. The latest grapevine hints at the possibility of Swift gracing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically in Deadpool 3. Fans are abuzz with the thought of Swift portraying the X-Men character, Dazzler. This character, who is not just a mutant with special abilities but also a renowned recording artist in the Marvel realm, seems tailor-made for Swift. Dazzler previously lit up the screen in X-Men: Dark Phoenix portrayed by Halston Sage.

Whether or not these speculations hold water remains to be seen. But the very thought of the pop sensation joining forces with Marvel is enough to send ripples of excitement across both the music and cinema universes.


The intersection of music and cinema has always promised fireworks. And when the artist in question is Taylor Swift, expect nothing short of a grand spectacle. The massive presale figures for The Eras Tour movie underscore Swift’s unparalleled appeal. And as the Marvel rumor mills continue to churn, fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for the next big announcement. Whether it’s the big screen or the concert stage, Taylor Swift’s charisma remains unmatched.