Taylor Swift’s Doppelganger Ashley Leechin Clears the Air: What the Beverly Hills Surgeon Found About Her Rumored Plastic Surgery

Setting the Record Straight on Plastic Surgery Rumors

Taylor Swift’s doppelganger, Ashley Leechin, known popularly on TikTok as It’sJustAshley, recently came forward to dispel rumors surrounding her uncanny resemblance to the pop sensation. While many believed that Leechin underwent plastic surgery to look more like Swift, she says otherwise.

“They’re saying that I got my nose done,” Leechin remarked. “That I’ve had an eyelid lift, a surgical lip lift, and that I’ve just, like, altered my entire face, my jaw, everything.”

The Extensive Examination

To clear the air, Leechin underwent an extensive examination with Dr. Daniel Barrett, a renowned board-certified celebrity plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills. In a candid video, shared exclusively with TooFab, she initiated the conversation saying, “I’ve been told that I’ve gotten plastic surgery when I haven’t. I’ve done Botox, and I’ve done filler. So those are the main two. I just wear makeup.”

Dr. Barrett, well-versed with the nuances of various surgeries, looked for “hallmarks” or notable scars that might suggest past procedures. He specifically assessed Leechin for any signs of surgeries like jaw reconstruction, facelift, brow lift, cheek implants, buccal fat removal, and rhinoplasty.

During the inspection, especially while examining her nose, Dr. Barrett clarified that she had undergone septoplasty, which is a medical procedure, unlike the cosmetic rhinoplasty. He noted, “There’s no evidence of any type of rhinoplasty. We can also feel the nose, an operated nose feels different than a non-operating nose. All the cartilage is super soft.”

After a thorough examination, Dr. Barrett concluded, “I don’t see any signs of plastic surgery work here, you guys. She admits to a little bit of Botox and a little bit of filler, which is completely common, but in terms of plastic surgery, it’s all-natural.”

Leechin’s Reflection and Rise to TikTok Fame

Leechin candidly reflected on her experience, emphasizing that she’s never been under the knife. Although she has no issues with individuals choosing plastic surgery for personal reasons. She believes that if it boosts someone’s confidence, they should go ahead.

With a following of over 1.6 million on TikTok, largely due to her uncanny resemblance to Swift, Leechin has found significant success on the platform. However, she recently faced backlash from Swift’s fanbase. In a controversial prank, she impersonated Swift at The Grove in Los Angeles, leading to confusion and fan frenzy.

Addressing the incident, Leechin stated that her aim was purely experimental, to experience a day in the life of a celebrity. She expressed remorse over the unintended bad timing of her prank, coinciding with an event where Swift was mobbed by fans.


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Discussing the vast difference between the online and offline reactions she received, she pointed out, “I had such a positive experience in person, and then, of course, online, you get a whole different beast.” Leechin further distinguished between regular Taylor Swift fans and the hardcore ‘Swifties’, indicating the latter group’s intense possessiveness towards the star.

The Bottom Line

While Ashley Leechin might bear a striking resemblance to Taylor Swift, her looks are naturally hers, devoid of any surgical enhancements. As she continues to share her life and experiences on social media platforms, it’s crucial to remember the importance of separating online personas from the real individual behind them.

Source: toofab