“Telling the Sherlock Holmes tale from a female viewpoint..”: Millie Bobby Brown spills on why ‘Enola Holmes’ is a groundbreaking rendition of the Sherlock Holmes legacy

The Shift to Enola: Sherlock’s Progressive Sister

In recent years, the world has seen a transformation in the portrayal of literary classics, introducing fresh perspectives that resonate with today’s society. Such was the case with the 2020 film “Enola Holmes,” where the spotlight turned from the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes to his spirited younger sister, Enola. Set in the Victorian era, the movie showcases a different side of the Holmes family, revealing the hidden lives of the women of the house.

Enola, played by the acclaimed “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown, and their adventurous mother, Eudoria, portrayed by the fantasy film legend Helena Bonham Carter, indulge in secret escapades in the picturesque English countryside.

Far from the conventional image of Victorian women, this mother-daughter duo is engrossed in activities ranging from jujitsu to intense scientific experiments.

A Feminist Narrative in Victorian London

Brown’s portrayal of Enola wasn’t merely another role. As a young actress renowned for powerful characters, she chooses projects that echo strong messages. This commitment led her not only to star in “Enola Holmes” but to contribute as a producer. The film, inspired by Nancy Springer’s novel series, radiates themes of female empowerment and unity.

In a chat with Vogue, Brown elaborated on why she believes “Enola Holmes” is a groundbreaking rendition of the Sherlock Holmes legacy. She shared, “The story of Sherlock Holmes was always so male-driven. Those stories, though iconic and deeply rooted in literature and history, needed a fresh, feminine touch. Telling the Sherlock Holmes tale from a female viewpoint was invigorating. I loved how the movie brings Sherlock into a realization about the gender biases of his time, making him more empathetic.”

From On-Screen Detective to Real-Life Author

Apart from her cinematic contributions, Millie Bobby Brown is adding another feather to her cap – that of a published author. Fans have known Brown for her intense portrayal of Eleven in “Stranger Things” and her recent cinematic ventures, including “Enola Holmes.” Now, while juggling her engagement to Jake Bongiovi and her role in Netflix’s “Damsel,” Brown is set to release her maiden book, “Nineteen Steps.” Scheduled for a September 12 release, the book delves into the life of an 18-year-old girl named Nellie Morris, set against the tumultuous backdrop of London during World War II.

Millie Bobby Brown continues to inspire, whether by reimagining classic tales with a feminist twist or venturing into the literary world. With her continued dedication to empowering roles and now her upcoming book, Brown is undeniably a force to reckon with in the entertainment world.

Source: Pinkvilla