‘The Killer’ on Netflix: How Michael Fassbender’s Intense Fight Scene Breaks New Ground in Filmmaking

David Fincher’s “The Killer” Makes a Bold Arrival on Netflix

David Fincher’s latest neo-noir thriller, “The Killer,” has made a striking debut on Netflix, following a limited theatrical run. Starring Michael Fassbender as a meticulous assassin embroiled in a quest for revenge, the film has quickly become a topic of conversation among thriller enthusiasts and Fincher fans alike.

The Making of a Memorable Scene: The Killer vs. The Brute

One scene in particular has captivated viewers: a fierce and intricate battle between Fassbender’s character and a rival assassin known as The Brute, portrayed by Sala Baker. This sequence, marked by its intensity and choreography, stands as a significant moment in the film.

Erik Messerschmidt: Capturing the Essence of a Fight

Erik Messerschmidt, the cinematographer and a frequent collaborator with Fincher, shared his insights on this pivotal scene during an exclusive interview with us. “Oftentimes, in fight scenes, we deliberately disorient the audience because it makes it more exciting,” Messerschmidt said. However, for “The Killer,” Fincher and Messerschmidt chose a different approach.

A Unique Approach to Filming Action

Their goal was to immerse the audience in the protagonist’s perspective, ensuring that viewers would experience the fight’s setting as the killer did. “When he discovers that he’s back where they started and that’s where the gun is, they will have come to the same conclusion, even if it’s subconscious,” Messerschmidt explained.

Challenging Conventional Fight Scene Techniques

This distinctive method of filming, focusing on spatial awareness and screen direction, diverges from traditional fight scene cinematography. “[It] is sort of antithetical to the way that fight scenes are usually shot, but I think ultimately works,” he observed.

The Cinematographer’s Reflection on the Impact

Messerschmidt anticipates that the scene’s intricacies will become more apparent upon multiple viewings. “I think when people watch it again and again, they’ll start to see what I’m saying – but that fascinated me,” he concluded, highlighting the depth and complexity of the sequence.

“The Killer”: A Film That Stays With You

With its unique approach to action and storytelling, “The Killer” is not just another entry in the thriller genre. It’s a testament to the creative vision of David Fincher and his team, offering a fresh perspective on what a fight scene can convey. As viewers unravel the layers of this intense confrontation, “The Killer” promises to be a film that resonates long after the credits roll.

‘The Killer’ on Netflix: How Michael Fassbender’s Intense Fight Scene Breaks New Ground in Filmmaking