‘The Man Wanted A Shower Outside’: Former Employee Claims Kanye West Intended To Poop Into Hole Of His $55 Million Malibu House

Renowned rapper Kanye West, never one to stray far from the headlines, is in the spotlight again. Just when the dust had barely settled from his recent NSFW tiff with an Italian boat company, a fresh storm emerged, centered around his $55 million Malibu residence. The genesis of this latest furor lies in an explosive revelation from a former employee, alleging some very unusual living preferences by Kanye West during the construction phase of his lavish home.

A History of Stirring the Pot

Kanye, the iconic rapper and fashion mogul, has always been one to make headlines, whether for his music, business ventures, or personal life. Lately, he’s become a hot topic of conversation due to some intriguing personal choices. A particular decision that has been a major talking point is his relationship with his wife, Bianca Censori. The glamorous couple is no stranger to the public eye and has been photographed on numerous occasions. What makes them particularly noticeable is their contrasting fashion sense.

Bianca, a stunning beauty, is often spotted in outfits that are bold and revealing, turning heads wherever she goes. These outfits, ranging from high slits to plunging necklines, celebrate her confidence and fashion-forward approach. On the other hand, Kanye has recently chosen a more understated style. He’s been seen sporting an all-black wardrobe that speaks to a more reserved and austere fashion statement.

This stark difference in their style choices has stirred conversations, with fans and critics alike weighing in on the matter. Whether they’re making fashion statements or simply expressing themselves, one thing is certain: Kanye and Bianca know how to capture attention.

Bizarre Residential Requests

The heart of the current controversy revolves around some rather unconventional requests Kanye made concerning his Malibu home. Citing claims from The Mirror, it’s reported that Tony Saxon, an ex-employee working on Kanye West’s residence, alleged that the rapper expressed a desire to “poop into a hole in the floor” of his yet-to-be-furnished abode. But that’s not all. West apparently had no interest in electricity and yearned for an outdoor showering experience.

Speaking about his tenure with Kanye West, which began in September 2021, Tony detailed his roles as both “a full-time security and a live-in caretaker.” His initial impressions of Kanye’s out-of-the-box housing aspirations?

“The man wanted to poop into a hole in the floor. He wanted to basically live in what at the beginning, I thought was supposed to be just an art project,” stated Saxon.

Continuing, the former caretaker of the sprawling Malibu estate added, “I was under the impression that the changes, like removing windows and electricity, were meant for creating an open-concept living space that wasn’t really for the living. I assumed this was intended as an art installation or a space to occasionally hang out.”

However, as time progressed, it became clear to Tony that Kanye’s intentions were far more profound,

“As the project moved forward, he began voicing intentions to actually live there. It’s quite bizarre to think anyone would want a house without plumbing, opting instead for an outdoor shower and a hole in the floor as a bathroom.”

More Than Meets the Eye?

Kanye West’s desire for a non-traditional home doesn’t end there. Rumor has it that he wanted to transform his property into a bomb shelter, possibly as a means of evading government surveillance. Tony Saxon asserts that Kanye West harbored a desire to “live off the grid” and even intimated intentions of hiding from governmental authorities.

As always, the world watches with bated breath, awaiting the next twist in the tale of Kanye West’s ever-enthralling life saga. One thing’s for certain: the Grammy-winning artist never ceases to surprise.