The Marvels Beast’s Cameo Confirms X-Men’s Return in the MCU?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has once again left audiences on the edge of their seats with the latest post-credits scene from “The Marvels”. Fans witness Monica Rambeau’s awakening in an unfamiliar reality, hinting at a rich tapestry of alternate universes just waiting to be explored.

The New Reality: A Different Take on Familiar Faces

In a surprising twist, we are greeted by a CGI-rendered Beast, originally portrayed by Kelsey Grammer, who elucidates Monica’s sudden shift to this reality, postulating a tear in space-time as the culprit.

Marvels’ Mutant Surprise

This cameo not only thrills fans but also stitches the narrative closer to the X-Men mythos, with the mention of Charles Xavier, hinting at his significant influence in this universe.

X-Men’s Epic Comeback

“All we know is that Binary found you. My theory? You somehow crossed through a tear in space-time. You are now in a reality parallel to your own. Which, of course, is impossible.”

Setting the Stage for the X-Men’s Arrival

This scene is a game-changer, presenting a reality where Maria Rambeau is not Captain Marvel but the potent hero Binary.

CONFIRMED: #TheMarvels will have only one post-credits scene! Details:

— MCU – The Direct (@MCU_Direct) November 8, 2023

This creative decision deviates from the known paths and paves the way for intriguing possibilities within the MCU. With the X-Men seemingly established in Monica’s new world, we’re left to wonder if this universe is a continuation of the utopian timeline from the X-Men’s cinematic past or perhaps a new branch altogether.

Beast Unleashed!

A Multiverse of Possibilities

The Marvels” does more than entertain; it intricately sets the foundation for an X-Men integration that’s both nostalgic and forward-looking. As we anticipate Avengers: Secret Wars to conclude this saga, we may be witnessing the dawn of a new era for the X-Men within the MCU, promising a fresh start in Phase 7.

The Marvels Beast’s Cameo Confirms X-Men’s Return in the MCU?