‘The Nun 2’: How the Post-Credits Scene Hints at the Next Big Conjuring Twist

Delving into the World of “The Nun 2”

The world of horror was sent into a frenzy with “The Nun 2,” the latest expansion of the Conjuring Universe. As the ninth installment, this sequel to the 2018 film reintroduces audiences to familiar faces as they face off against the malevolent demon nun, Valak. While the film primarily tells a standalone story, the Conjuring Universe’s intricate web of connections means fans eagerly await any hints about future narratives.

For years, Hollywood has trained its audience to wait through the credits, searching for that extra snippet of footage that ties films together or teases an upcoming release. Superhero movies championed this trend, but the horror industry, and especially the Conjuring franchise, is no stranger to this tactic.

A Sinister Surprise Awaits

Yes, “The Nun 2” has a post-credits scene, but there’s a catch – it’s a mid-credits scene. As the story of Sister Irene (portrayed by Taissa Farmiga) and Sister Debra (Storm Reid) culminates, viewers are treated to a scene before the credits conclude. And while there’s no additional footage post-credits, fans are encouraged to remain seated to appreciate all those who worked behind the scenes.

For avid followers of the Conjuring Universe, skipping this scene could be a grave mistake. Though fleeting and somewhat ambiguous, it gives a tantalizing hint about the direction the franchise might be headed.

The Warrens Make Their Mark

The real shocker? The return of the iconic paranormal investigating duo, Ed and Lorraine Warren, brought to life by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Their Connecticut home sets the stage, culminating in a phone call from Father Gordon (Steve Coulter) beseeching their expertise once more.

This cameo does more than just bring back familiar faces; it serves as a bridge to the broader Conjuring narrative. Reminiscent of how “The Nun” used original “Conjuring” footage to cement its place in the series, “The Nun 2” intertwines the Warrens’ and Sister Irene’s tales. But this leaves a burning question: how will this interplay shape upcoming films?

Piecing Together The Puzzle

Given the ambiguous nature of the mid-credits scene and the film’s place in the Conjuring timeline, speculations are rampant. Will the Warrens confront Valak in “The Conjuring 2”? Perhaps the stage is being set for “The Nun 3” or “The Conjuring 4”?

Hints might lie in the scene’s origin. Surprisingly, this footage isn’t new; it’s an unused scene from “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.” Director Michael Chaves confirmed that this was an alternate ending. Its placement in the timeline remains uncertain – could it provide a backstory for the Warrens’ involvement in “The Nun 3”? But with the announcement of “The Conjuring 4,” it seems more probable that this scene teases this upcoming installment.

Regardless of its intent, one thing is clear: the Conjuring Universe remains as unpredictable and enthralling as ever, with “The Nun 2” adding yet another thrilling chapter to its eerie anthology.