TikToker explains why women who live alone should not switch on the lights as soon as they arrive home.

A TikToker has revealed why women who live alone should not instantly turn on the lights when they arrive home in order to become more aware of their surroundings.

Mary Alice (also known by her TikTok username @heyitsmaryalice), a TikToker shared some simple but important advice for women who reside alone on TikTok.

When most people arrive home in the dark, they automatically reach for the light switch the moment they open the door in order to see where they’re going within their homes.

However, as Mary Alice stated, turning off the lights for a short period of time may be more beneficial to your safety.


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“When you go home at night, don’t turn your lights on immediately when you get inside your apartment especially if people can see the windows of your apartment from the street,” she told her 51.7 thousand followers. “Because if someone’s following you home, they’re gonna know what apartment you live in.”

She then remembered a terrifying incident that occurred to her that night, stating that she was on her way home when a strange man approached her and attempted to speak to her about a broken headlight.

“I’d never seen him before… and he just gave me bad vibes,” she continued. “He tries to make conversation with me about my headlight because it’s out and I’m just like ‘yeah, yeah, I’ll get round to it…’”

She then stated that she departed and went into her flat without turning on her light because she suspected he was waiting outside.

“I had a feeling to check my Ring camera,” she explains before taking a long pause and then continuing: “He’s standing in the street which is very close to my apartment building staring at [the] building. And he did not leave for like five minutes.

“I mean like halfway through he left the empty spot and hid behind a car,” she adds, “but he waited to see. So now he knows what car I drive and where I live, just not my apartment. So don’t turn your lights on.”

Since it was posted, the video has been watched over 10 million times.

Thousands of women took to the comments area to voice their concerns.

“Great advice but I’m scared of the dark,” wrote one user, while another praised Mary Alice as “smart”, thanking her for sharing the suggestion.

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In a subsequent video, Mary Alice reaffirmed that she had informed her family and landlord about the incident. She also said that she had discovered the man also resided in her building, albeit he is currently moving out.

She additionally reaffirmed that she is okay and that her flat is safe now.


TikToker explains why women who live alone should not switch on the lights as soon as they arrive home.