Top Upcoming NBA Free Agents Trade Deal: Austin Rivers, Terence Davis, Will Barton, JaMychal Green and Kendrick Nunn

The NBA’s current depth is unprecedented, with teams boasting 8-12 quality rotation players and an influx of global talent. Despite this, mid-season roster adjustments are common due to injuries, aging veterans, or unmet expectations.

This year’s mid-season free agency pool features intriguing options that could significantly impact teams aiming for a deep playoff run.

5 NBA Free Agents To Watch Out For

Austin Rivers: The Underrated Journeyman

Austin Rivers, despite a journeyman career, has consistently proven himself valuable with playoff experience and versatile skills. At just 31, he seeks another opportunity to contribute, showcasing a career averaging 8.5 points, 2.0 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game. His playoff pedigree and ability to outplay peers make him a potential game-changer for teams in need.

The Memphis Grizzlies have been granted a Disabled Player Exception worth $6.3 million by the NBA for the season-ending loss of Steven Adams, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. March 11 deadline to use the new DPE.

— Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) November 16, 2023

Terence Davis: A Wing Talent in Search of Consistency

Terence Davis, a victim of the league’s depth, offers versatility with defensive prowess and scoring ability. While struggling to secure a consistent role, his potential is evident in sporadic high-scoring performances. At 26, he could provide immediate depth for any team’s wing rotation, showcasing an ability to defend, shoot threes, and create plays when given the chance.

Will Barton: Bouncing Back from an Off-Year

Will Barton, despite a challenging season, remains a viable three-level scorer and playmaker. Injuries and limited playing time impacted his recent performance, but he’s just a season removed from impressive stats with the Nuggets. Barton, willing to accept a smaller role, could offer valuable wing depth for contenders seeking an experienced contributor.

JaMychal Green: Three-Point Shooting Big Man

JaMychal Green, a skilled three-point shooting big man, brings playoff experience and floor-spacing abilities. Despite his limited starting role, Green filled a crucial gap for the Warriors, averaging 6.4 points and 3.6 rebounds per game while shooting efficiently. Teams in need of additional size and shooting should consider Green for a mid-season boost.

Kendrick Nunn: Seeking a Return to Action

Kendrick Nunn, overlooked after an injury-ridden season, boasts solid numbers and reliable ball-handling skills. With a strong second half with the Wizards, averaging 7.5 points and 1.8 assists per game, Nunn remains a valuable asset for teams looking to bolster their backcourt. As teams aim to enhance their playoff chances, Nunn could be the missing piece for improved ball distribution.

As the NBA season progresses, the mid-season free agency pool presents an array of seasoned players ready to make an impact. Teams seeking to address roster gaps and enhance their playoff potential should closely monitor the availability of Austin Rivers, Terence Davis, Will Barton, JaMychal Green, and Kendrick Nunn—each offering unique skills and experiences that could be pivotal in the postseason.

Top Upcoming NBA Free Agents Trade Deal: Austin Rivers, Terence Davis, Will Barton, JaMychal Green and Kendrick Nunn