Ulrika Jonsson Critiques Millie Bobby Brown on a Specific Detail of Her New Book

A Fresh Release from a Rising Star

Actress Millie Bobby Brown, best known for her breakthrough role as Eleven in *Stranger Things*, ventured into the literary world with her debut novel, “Nineteen Steps.” Released on September 12, the novel pulls inspiration from real-life events in Brown’s family during World War II. The heartwarming tale conveys that even during the most challenging times, love can bloom.
At the heart of the story is 18-year-old Nellie Morris, navigating the challenges and societal expectations of wartime. Her life takes a significant turn when Ray, a charming American, captures her heart. But fate has other plans, and an unforeseen accident during an air raid brings her world crashing down. The gripping narrative draws from the memories of Brown’s Nanny Ruth, a real-life survivor of a crash, who narrated her experiences to her granddaughter.

The novel has been well-received, securing a five-star rating on Waterstones and boasting a 95% approval on Google. But not all feedback has been entirely positive.

Ulrika Jonsson’s Point of Contention

Ulrika Jonsson, a TV presenter with two books under her belt and another forthcoming, took issue with one particular aspect of Brown’s novel: the use of a ghostwriter. Speaking to The Sun, Jonsson expressed her opinion about celebrities who claim to have penned books when, in reality, they’ve had help.
“The story is very much hers,” Jonsson acknowledges, crediting Brown’s close bond with her grandmother. “Critics say it’s a corker of a book, and I really look forward to reading it.” However, she takes issue with the transparency around the use of ghostwriters. Jonsson points out that while Millie had a significant input in the novel, it appears that the initial draft was crafted by someone else.

She goes on to state, “I have no objection to ghostwriters – it provides a fruitful living for many.” Yet, she criticizes celebrities like Brown for claiming the writing accolade without the accompanying hard work, referring to such endeavors as “another cash cow.”

The Ghostwriting Debate

Ghostwriting has long been a subject of debate in the literary world. While many acknowledge the practice’s utility and respect the skill involved, questions arise when originality and authorship are in the limelight. Brown’s “Nineteen Steps” brings this discussion back into focus, juxtaposing a gripping narrative with the broader question of authenticity in the literary domain. As audiences and critics alike dive into the pages of Brown’s tale, they are left to grapple not just with Nellie’s journey but also with the evolving definitions of authorship and creativity in the modern era.