Valak: From Conjuring’s Chilling Nun to Real-Life Demon Legends

Valak’s Ever-Expanding Role in The Conjuring Universe

As the cryptic and menacing force in The Conjuring Universe, Valak returns with an increased ferocity in “The Nun II,” reigniting its terror and deepening its lore. This direct sequel to “The Nun” places Sister Irene (portrayed by Taissa Farmiga) and Frenchie (played by Jonas Bloquet) in the unsettling scenario of a priest’s violent demise in the 1950s France, with eerie signs indicating the return of Valak, the very demon they believed they had confined to hell.

Charting the Demon’s Path Through Films

The Conjuring Universe’s meticulous timelines and interconnected films provide a rich tapestry for Valak’s evolving story. First introduced in “The Conjuring 2” with Bonnie Aarons in the titular role, Valak, disguised as a Catholic nun, instantly resonated with horror fans, making it an indelible part of the series. However, some fans find themselves entangled in the intricacies of the series’ chronology, especially when pinpointing “The Nun 2” within The Conjuring’s grand timeline.

Delving into Valak’s Sinister Origins

Dressed as a vision in “The Conjuring 2”, Valak’s inception within the franchise began. But the prequel “The Nun” illuminated its earlier existence. The tale suggests Valak was once an angel, later cast into hell by St. Michael the Archangel. A Romanian Duke’s ill-fated attempt to summon Valak in the Cârța Monastery set in motion a series of events that led to Valak’s emergence, manifesting as a nun, a poignant mockery of the Catholic Church.

While Sister Irene and Frenchie’s perceived victory over Valak in “The Nun” brought a sigh of relief, the twist ending—Frenchie’s inverted cross scar—spun the tale back to the beginning, connecting seamlessly with the original Conjuring film and further tales of demonic possession.

A Shape-shifting Nemesis: Valak’s Many Guises

Throughout the Conjuring films, Valak consistently confounds viewers with its myriad forms. Its chilling nun depiction, complete with piercing yellow eyes and a haunting visage, is the most recognizable. However, “The Conjuring 2” introduced other incarnations, like The Crooked Man and Valak the Defiler. The demon’s eerie presence even finds its way into “Annabelle: Creation”, showcasing its versatility and omnipresence within the universe.

Navigating Valak’s Appearances in the Cinematic Universe

Beginning with “The Conjuring 2”, Valak’s malevolent journey weaves through various films, from its disguise as The Crooked Man tormenting the Hodgson family to its cameos in “Annabelle: Creation” during its Romanian reign. For fans eager to unravel Valak’s extensive influence before watching “The Nun 2”, they have a trilogy to dissect, leading to an expected confrontation in “The Conjuring 4”.

Tracing the Demon’s Historical Roots

Interestingly, Valak’s cinematic tale is not purely fictional. Rooted in real-world lore, Valak stands as a rejected angel transformed into the formidable President of Hell. While the films present a menacing figure, literary descriptions often illustrate Valak as a winged boy astride a two-headed dragon, wielding the power to tempt his prey. Chronicled in ancient grimoires and by notable figures like Aleister Crowley, Valak’s legacy spans centuries, providing The Conjuring Universe with a villain both historically rich and cinematically enthralling.