Watch The Covenant Online for Free: When will the Jake Gyllenhaal Movie be Available for Streaming?

Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant is a new action thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Dar Salim. If you’re looking to watch a new action movie this summer break, then The Covenant is perfect for you.

The Covenant is an action crime thriller set in a military context in response to terrorism. The movie promises action as well as a message reflecting a soldier’s bond with his comrade. The film was first announced in October 2021, and production began in February 2022, with the main cast assembled. Although the film was initially titled The Interpreter, the title was altered to The Covenant in December 2022.


The Covenant comes with the tagline “A bond. A pledge. A commitment.” It tells the story of Sergeant John Kinley (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Interpreter Ahmed (Dar Salim). Kinley recruits Ahmed to interpret with the locals and guide them through the terrains during their mission in Afghanistan, and it turns out that Ahmed really needs this job. When the soldiers’ platoon confronts the Taliban in the desert, they are caught off guard, and the enemies knock Kinley down in the hopes of taking him hostage.

Ahmed however, steps in and finishes off the rest of the Taliban, thereby rescuing Kinley by dragging him through the desert mountains to avoid the Taliban’s sight. It turns out that Ahmed did not join the team for financial reasons but because he sought revenge on the Taliban for killing his son. At this point, John Kinley is thankful for his second chance at life and has returned to his homeland.

Then he learns that Ahmed has been pursued by the Taliban and is holed up somewhere in Afghanistan. When the authorities don’t respond to his frantic requests, he goes to Afghanistan on his own to rescue the friend who risked his life for a total stranger. Will he be in time to save Ahmed? Or will he face the same fate at the hands of the Taliban? You need to watch the movie to find out.


Besides Jake Gyllenhaal who plays Sergeant Kinley and Dar Salim who plays Interpreter Ahmed, The Covenant also stars Christian Ochoa Lavernia and Sean Sager who play Eduardo Hernandez and Charlie Crowther, respectively. Fahim Fazil, known for his villainous roles in Iron Man and American Sniper, will play the Taliban Commander in the film. Meanwhile, here are the members of the supporting cast: Antony Starr, Alexander Ludwig, Jonny Lee Miller, Emily Beecham, Bobby Schofield, Jason Wong, Swen Temmel, Fariba Sheikhan, Reza Diako, Abbas Fasaei, Rhys Yates, Ash Goldeh, and Hadi Khanjanpour.

How to watch The Covenant

The Covenant is one of 2023’s most anticipated films and released on April 21. Right now, the only way to watch Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant is to head out to your nearest movie theater. You can find a local showing on Fandango. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Prime Video, Vudu, Apple, or YouTube.

When will the Covenant be available on streaming platforms?

A digital release date for Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant has not been announced yet. However, we can make an estimate based on the last film distributed under Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Creed III was released in theaters on March 3, before it came to digital platforms on March 31 — about four weeks after its debut. If Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant follows the same trajectory, you may be able to watch from the comfort of your home by late May 2023.

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Watch The Covenant Online for Free: When will the Jake Gyllenhaal Movie be Available for Streaming?