What Manga Chapter to Read After Mashle Season 1 Ending?

With the spring season wrapping up, fans of the comedic and magical world of Mashle have been left wanting more after a spectacular first season. The anime has been a hit, leaving a strong impression with its unique blend of humour and magical shenanigans. However, with no news on a second season coming anytime soon, we’ve decided to guide you through the manga world of Mashle, ensuring you know exactly where to pick up and continue the adventure.

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Manga: Your Next Best Option

The Mashle anime brought to life the quirky and hilarious plot as described by ANN: “In a world brimming with magic, a young man without magical abilities trains in solitude, finding strength in his muscular physique to protect himself from magic users.” The show perfectly captured the essence of the manga, covering chapters 1 to 39, which encompass the Easton Enrollment and Magia Lupus arcs.
But where does the show leave us, and where should you dive back into the manga?

Picking Up Where the Anime Left Off

You’ve watched all twelve episodes, laughed at Mash’s muscle-flexing antics, and now you’re craving more. Fear not; we’ve got you covered. To seamlessly transition from the anime to the manga, start with chapter 40, aptly titled “Mash Burnedead And the Candle’s Flame.” This chapter marks the beginning of the Execution Arc, a pivotal point in the story where Mash’s secret – his inability to use magic – is revealed, bringing severe consequences and challenges.

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Entering the World of Divine Visionaries

The Execution Arc introduces us to the Divine Visionaries and sets Mash on a path filled with trials in a world dominated by magic. This arc, though short, is intense and packed with action, spanning just four chapters. Following this, the story progresses through the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc, the Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visionary Final Exam Arc, and the ongoing Eclipse Arc. With 161 chapters published at the time of writing and new chapters released weekly, there is plenty of Mashle magic to keep you entertained.

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Where to Read Mashle Manga?

Ready to jump back into the magical world of Mashable? You can read the manga on various platforms, including:

Manga Plus
Manga Clash

Explore the intense arcs and adventures that await Mash in the manga, post-anime

Embarking on a Magical Adventure

In conclusion, the world of Mashle is vast, and filled with humour, magic, and muscle-flexing goodness. While the wait for a second season continues, the manga provides a fantastic way to stay immersed in the world and continue following Mash on his hilarious and magical journey. Avoiding spoilers has been our priority because we believe in preserving the fun and surprise for all the manga readers and fans of Mashle out there. If you have any questions or need further guidance on your magical journey, feel free to reach out. Happy reading, and may your adventures in the world of Mashle be filled with laughter and magic!

What Manga Chapter to Read After Mashle Season 1 Ending?