What Sets Apart the Latest ‘American Horror Story’ Stunt Casting from Its Past Choices?

A Storied History of Celebrity Appearances

American Horror Story (AHS), the long-standing, ever-evolving anthology horror series, has been known for its bold casting choices. Over the seasons, they’ve transitioned from enlisting critically acclaimed actors such as Jessica Lange, who wowed audiences from seasons 1-4, to pop culture icons like Lady Gaga in the series’ fifth installment.

But with season 12 bringing in reality TV queen Kim Kardashian, AHS might be in for its most divisive casting yet. Stunt casting isn’t new for the series – past seasons have seen big names from the music world, including Adam Levine of Maroon 5 fame in “Asylum” and Fleetwood Mac’s legendary Stevie Nicks in “Coven”. Nicks even had a memorable scene performing Fleetwood Mac’s hit “Seven Wonders”.

Lady Gaga: A Turning Point for AHS

Season 5, titled American Horror Story: Hotel, was a crucial juncture for AHS. Following a less-acclaimed fourth season and the exit of audience-favorite Jessica Lange, there was a vacuum to fill. Enter pop superstar Lady Gaga. Despite initial skepticism, Gaga’s portrayal as the Countess earned her a Golden Globe and led to breakthrough roles in movies such as A Star Is Born and House Of Gucci.

However, in the wake of Gaga’s impact on the series, AHS has seen a gradual decline in viewership. With season 12 in play, a major casting move was needed, leading us to the current debate around Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian: A Controversial Choice for AHS

Kim Kardashian’s influence in pop culture cannot be understated. With her dominion over the realms of reality TV and social media, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Yet, as she forays into the world of scripted TV with American Horror Story: Delicate, reactions have been polarized.

Many argue that while Gaga was able to shift seamlessly into the world of AHS, Kardashian faces an uphill battle. Detractors, including actress Patti Lupone, believe Kardashian is taking away an opportunity from a professional actor. But is the backlash just an extension of the public’s prejudice against reality stars and influencers making their mark in traditional entertainment?

Reality Star to Mainstream Actor: Breaking The Mold

Kim’s journey in the world of AHS is not just about her individual performance; it’s also about challenging perceptions. Over the years, the series has been a launchpad for personalities from diverse fields, giving them a chance to shine in a new arena. Kim’s casting might just be an opportunity to break stereotypes associated with reality stars.

With season 12 of AHS already generating a lot of buzz, it remains to be seen whether Kim Kardashian will echo Lady Gaga’s success or chart her own path. One thing is for certain, though – she’s already got the world talking. And in the world of entertainment, that’s half the battle won.