What’s Wrong With Megan Fox’s Thumb? Does Megan Fox Have Brachydactyly?

Megan Fox Thumb, is characterised by short and stubby fingers or toes and affects approximately one percent of the world’s population. Unlike most people, Megan has a condition called brachydactyly, a genetic disorder that causes very short bones, hence her quick thumbs. Instead, she wonders why people are so fascinated with her thumb. According to her, she has other imperfections that will likely get more attention if her fans knew about them. She was even named ‘World’s Sexiest Woman’ by FHM in 2008, proving she is stunning regardless of her specific thumbs.

About Megan Fox

Megan Denise Fox was born on May 16, 1986 in Tennessee in a Pentecostal home with rigorous rules. She was reared by her mother Gloria Darlene and her stepfather Tony Tonachio. At the age of 13, she began modelling. At the age of 17, she relocated to Los Angeles to focus solely on her business after dropping out of high school.

Megan’s first on-screen role was in the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen film Holiday in the Sun as Brianna Wallace. Other early career highlights include the Lindsay Lohan film Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and the ABC sitcom Hope & Faith. 

Megan’s big break came in 2007 when she was cast as Mikaela Banes in the live-action Transformers film franchise.

After Transformers, Megan’s career expanded beyond big-budget films and “hot” girl parts. In the cult feminist horror movie Jennifer’s Body, she portrayed high school cheerleader Jennifer Check, who was possessed. 

Megan will be seen in The Expendables 4 and Johnny & Clyde, a recreated Bonnie and Clyde tale, as well as the dark comedic feature film debut of Brian Petsos, Big Gold Brick. Megan Fox thumb is surely not hampering her career as she is on a roll.

What does Brachydactyly mean?

Congenital brachydactyly is a condition. The basic definition of brachydactyly is having shorter fingers and toes than the rest of the body. Genetics or the usage of specific drugs by the mother when she is pregnant are the two main causes. The disorder comes in five different varieties and typically has no effect on a person’s quality of life.

Other types of brachydactyly can affect different fingers or toes, or multiple digits at once. In some cases, brachydactyly may be associated with other medical conditions such as dwarfism or down syndrome.

Megan Fox Thumb And Its Fascination Among Citizens

In the world of Hollywood, Megan Fox is a name that requires no introduction. The American actress-turned-model has wowed audiences with her stunning beauty and ability by appearing in a number of big-budget motion pictures.

Megan only experiences Type D symptoms in her thumbs. They are thumbs with shorter bones, not “toe thumbs”. This condition is basically characterised by a short, wide thumb with a round tip, which can give the thumb a slightly curved or angled appearance, as can be seen in the case of actress Megan Fox. Interestingly, this condition has subsequently been named “Megan Fox Thumb” for colloquial purposes by people and, indeed, the media.

Megan even made fun of them in a 2012 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She was describing to Leno how she told her mother she had given up sushi while she was pregnant. Her mom told her she never did that. Megan joked: “I was wondering if that was what happened to my thumbs. They’re weird, and they’re really fat, and there’s like a weird knuckle.”

What Caused Megan Fox’s Thumbs Shortness?

Megan once revealed that during a conversation with her mother, Gloria Darlene Fox, she mentioned that she frequently consumed tuna while pregnant with Megan. This made Megan wonder if her thumb’s appearance resulted from her mother’s diet during pregnancy. However, as there is no evidence to support a connection between eating tuna and brachydactyly, her ideas are merely conjecture.