When Will New Episode of Boruto Air? Is There Going to be a Season 2 of the Anime?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Part 1)

With the release of Boruto Two Vortex, which is now covering the long-awaited time leap, fans have begun to speculate when the Boruto Anime series will resume. The series has been on hiatus since March 26, 2023, and no official news related to part 2 of the anime series has been confirmed.

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Increasingly confident that the Boruto anime will be released in 2025???????????? https://t.co/KSTH5c2ufV

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So when will Boruto part 2 of the anime series be released? Here are all the latest updates you need to know about part 2 of the anime series.

The Part 1 of the anime series ended with episode 293

Boruto Anime Series: Latest Release Date Updates

The official site of Naruto has stated that Boruto Anime Part 2 is in the works and will follow the original canon arcs as in the manga. It is speculated that the anime series will be postponed until 2025. The Boruto Anime series does not precisely follow the canon events from the manga. Many fans feel that the anime series should pause, even if that’s for a year, to follow the canon events. A few expect the anime series will return with improvements for the Prophecy Arc, considering the long delay for the release of the anime series.

The announcement for part 2 of the anime series on the official website of Naruto

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– Boruto Prophecy Arc (Anime).
– Boruto Two Blue Vortex (Anime).
2025. pic.twitter.com/TblAlqS4KG

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The series is filled with fillers and has received severe criticism from fans for its poor animation. The creators have finally chosen to heed the fans’ requests and work toward improving the animation’s quality. One of the trusted leak sources confirmed that if no official news for the anime series is released by this year, the fans may surely anticipate hints for the release updates by next year.

Boruto Episode 293

Final Thoughts

The fans are eager to relive those golden days of Shippuden. Masashi Kishimoto has been with Boruto Two Blue Vortex since the beginning, which is undoubtedly an exciting development for fans. As a result, many people are sticking around to see how the series progresses from here on out. Will it live up to the standard set by Naruto Shippuden, or will the buzz fade?