Where Is Virgin River Filmed? Is Virgin River A Real Place?

Virgin River on Netflix is one of those shows that will make you want to book a trip to a remote tiny village. Whether it’s fiction or not doesn’t matter! Even if we enjoy the characters and the occasionally thrilling plot, what really entices us to travel to the fictional town of Virgin River is its stunning environment.

What Is Virgin River About?

The Netflix series, which is based on Robyn Carr’s best-selling books of the same name, follows a young nurse named Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), who leaves her life in Los Angeles behind in order to move to a small, charming town in Northern California. 

Virgin River launched on Netflix in 2019, and has since become one of the most popular shows. In 2022, it amassed 13.6 billion minutes viewed.

Drama and romance abound throughout the series, and the picturesque backgrounds are as enthralling. Even though Virgin River isn’t a real town, you can visit many of the show’s iconic spots in real life. Here is what we know about the filming location of the popular Netflix series.

Is Virgin River A Real Place?

Virgin River is a fictional place invented by author Robin Carr. Carr said: “People always write and say, ‘Where is it? I want to go there,’ and I have to remind them that it only exists in our hearts and minds.” Carr situated the town among the redwoods in northern California, where there are substantial waterfalls and excellent fishing.

Where Is Virgin River Filmed?

The majority of the show’s filming was done in Vancouver and surrounding regions of British Columbia. Snug Cove on Bowen Island, which “anchors the show as the fictional town of Virgin River,” was the location for numerous sequences. Snug Cove’s sweet local library, main streets, and Artisan Lane were chosen for the series. Some scenes are also shot in New Westminster (where you can find Doc Mullins’ clinic), Burnaby (the Mayor’s house and Paige’s food truck), Port Coquitlam (various shops and bars), and Richmond (which doubles for Steveston Harbour).

Jack’s Bar

Jack’s bar is a prominent fixture on the show. While most of the exterior pictures were genuinely shot at Watershed Grill in Brackendale, many of the interior shots were actually shot in a studio. There are plenty of benches for sitting outdoors so you can enjoy the beautiful views of the river.

Vernon’s Family Practice Clinic

Surprisingly, Mel’s place of work is a magnificent Victorian house on First Street in New Westminster. The Queen Anne-style mansion, which was constructed in 1889, has already appeared in several other shows, including Supernatural.

Mel’s Cabin

Mel’s home is actually one of the coziest-looking places in the series with its wood detailing and charming fireplace. In real life, the cabin is actually the home of the caretaker of Murdo Frazer Park, located in North Vancouver. If the exterior pictures look familiar to you, it’s likely that you’ve seen the house on programmes like Psych, The Flash, and Once Upon a Time.

Hope McCrea’s House

The mayor’s residence is actually a heritage building in Burnaby’s Deer Lake Drive. The bungalow known as the Edgar Residence was first constructed in 1912 and is noteworthy because of its association with Robert McBeth Edgar, a prosperous and successful businessman whose contribution to Burnaby and British Columbia was far-reaching and significant.

The series features numerous breathtaking scenes of the natural world. Some of these locations include Grouse Mountain, the site of the Lumberjack Games in season three, Shannon Falls Provincial Park’s waterfalls, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, and the House Rock River, just south of Whistler, where Jack and his marine friends go kayaking.