Who is Acyn Torabi? Biography, Age, Family, Career, Married, Net Worth

Acyn Torabi is renowned for utilizing short clips to express his thoughts on Twitter. He is widely known for his views on matters such as politics, lifestyle, and other trending topics online. The individual responsible for Acyn’s Twitter account remains largely a mystery, though he prefers to call himself the “Internet hooligan.”

Here’s all the information we’ve gathered about the mysterious internet personality.

Who is Acyn Torabi?

Acyn Torabi was raised in Los Angeles, California, USA alongside his two siblings, brother Ehsan and sister Azar. Although little is known about his childhood, his Facebook profile mentions his brother and sister.

A look at Acyn’s images on the internet confirms his White-American ethnic classification. He has dark brown eyes, short black hair, and a fair complexion.

No information has been found online to prove Acyn Torabi’s age, although he is believed to be middle-aged. Acyn has kept info about his schooling under wraps, and it’s uncertain whether he has completed Elementary School and High School, or if he has attained a college degree.


The man behind the renowned Twitter profile @acyn has been a presence on the platform for nearly 10 years. During this time he has made a name for himself in the media industry, labeling himself an “Internet Hooligan.” Acyn has often stirred up controversy with his tweets and discussions about famous people and contentious subjects.

Acyn, and his Twitter peer Aaron Rupar, are two of the most controversial people around. Acyn often talks about notable people like Nicki Minaj, Donald Trump, and Hawley. He also posts tweets on issues that are considered controversial, like the discrimination that the LGBTQ+ population faces.

Using SnapStream (@SnapStream) to create the videos that follow his tweets, Acyn has over 334,000 followers on the platform. He had a great impact on the media industry. During the 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election, he publicly expressed his contentious views on Twitter. He was even featured on Fox News after the tweet.

On November 11th, 2022, Acyn declared through a tweet that the YouTube channel he had never posted a video of himself on was indeed his. This channel seems to be only for sharing pre-existing videos that have stirred up debate, like the ‘slap award video’ featuring Will Smith and Chris Rock, which has already amassed 10,000 views.

On May 20th, 2020, Acyn launched his YouTube channel, where he has uploaded approximately 58 videos. His viewership has surpassed 84,523 views, despite only having 852 subscribers.


It has been revealed from Acyn Torabi’s Facebook profile that his brother Ehsan is a real estate broker and Senior Software Architect.

Ehsan graduated from West Coast University with a Master’s in Computer Science Information Technologies and is the Senior Software Architect at his own enterprise Torabi.com, a contract system development business that is owned and managed by him.

Acyn’s sister, Azar Torabi’s Facebook profile in the “personal information section” made it known that she is the vice president of RBC CNB. However, she did not provide any information regarding her elementary, high school, or university education.

Is Acyn Torabi Married?

Despite the fact that knowledge of his wedding date or split can be found publicly, Acyn declared in the “personal information part” of his Facebook page that he is separated. However, whether or not he has any children remains unknown.

Acyn Torabi’s Net Worth

Acyn Torabi’s net worth is yet to be officially determined, even though he is considered a famous figure on Twitter. It should be noted that Acyn prefers to keep his private life under wraps and does not usually disclose such information.

However, multiple sources have alleged that the “internet hooligan” has an estimated net worth of about $1 million.

Who is Acyn Torabi? Biography, Age, Family, Career, Married, Net Worth