Who Is Dallas Yocum? Mike Lindell’s Ex-Wife’s Biography, Career, Net Worth

Dallas Yocum is an entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is well-known  as the former spouse of Mike Lindell. Mike is an American businessman and conspiracy theorist. He is popular as the CEO of “My Pillow, Inc.,” a company that manufactures pillows, beds, and slippers. Furthermore, he also established the Lindell Foundation.

Who Is Dallas Yocum?

Dallas Yocum was born in December 1980 in the United States of America. It’s unclear exactly when she was born. She is the daughter of Dale Farmer, a mechanic in the US Navy, and was born and raised in Arizona. Her father served in the U.S. Bon Homme as a combat veteran. Dallas Yocum’s grandfather fought in World War II and was a war veteran. Unfortunately, Dallas’ father passed away in 2011.

Dallas Yocum’s Career

Dallas got to know Mike Lindell while she worked at the Riverdale Casino. She worked for My Pillow, Inc. for a while after accepting an offer to become an executive assistant. Though it’s unclear if she departed following her split, it’s possible given that their happy working relationship stopped when they got married. 

Dallas Yocum And Mike Lindell’s Relationship

Dallas Yocum married Mike Lindell on June 8, 2013. They got married in Chanhassen, Minnesota, at a lavish wedding ceremony attended by a large number of guests. Yocum moved to Minnesota, where Mike resides, as soon as they were married. Regretfully, their union was short-lived and it ended after just two weeks, making it the shortest in history.

Mike Lindell filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, just a month after they were married. But Mike claimed in an interview that if his wife hadn’t behaved that way, he wouldn’t have filed for divorce. Mike said in the interview that he asked his ex-wife if she felt distant and troubled, and he received a fairly unexpected reaction.

Mike said she thought he was boring and that he had wasted her first two years of marriage. She was also unhappy with having to live apart from her family in Minnesota.

Midway through July, Mike filed for divorce, and it was eventually finalised. The businessman avoided a fortune in settlements because the couple signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married.

Dallas Yocum’s Net Worth

Although Dallas Yocum’s exact net worth is unclear, some say it to be approximately $450,000. She has not disclosed her profession to the public, and her association with a well-known businessman is the only reason anyone knows who she is. Dallas Yocum continues to live a modest life out of the spotlight. It’s unclear what she has been up to after divorcing Mike Lindell. 

Who Is Mike Lindell?

Michael James Lindell, popularly known as “The My Pillow Guy,” is an American businessman, political activist, and conspiracy theorist. He is the founder and CEO of the business. My Pillow, Inc. produces slippers, pillows, and bedding.

Mike Lindell operates the video streaming website Frank as well as the social network FrankSocial under the moniker “Frank.”

In March 2021, Lindell revealed ideas for “Vocl,” a social media platform with alternative technology. He had spent some time working on it. He described the platform as a hybrid of YouTube and Twitter, different from Parler and Gab.

In order to help addicts connect with other people who have experienced drug addiction and the recovery process, as well as with faith-based treatment facilities and other recovery organisations, Lindell established the Lindell Recovery Network in 2019.

Who Is Dallas Yocum? Mike Lindell’s Ex-Wife’s Biography, Career, Net Worth