Who is Dharma Villareal? All About Ana Leza’s Husband, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth

Dharma Villareal is famously known as the husband of former Spanish actress Ana Leza. Ana has gained notoriety for her appearances in Women Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and Of Love and Shadows.

Who is Dharma Villareal?

Dharma, originally known as Christopher Lee Villareal, was born to Mexican immigrant parents in Ojai, California. On the contrary, his wife, Ana, hails from Madrid and was born in 1962.


Although Dharma is not an on-screen entertainer like his wife, he is still involved in the entertainment business. He mainly works off-camera, and his occupation is that of an editor and documentary filmmaker for the corporation Xerox. His work has made him a famous husband.

Additionally, Villareal was employed as an assistant editor for the 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers program, featuring Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, David Yost, and many others.

He was also employed at a technology firm for a while. Ana and Dharma created a fusion food establishment called Dossa Grill Café in the Chueca district of Madrid, yet unfortunately, the venture brought great financial losses.

On the other hand, his wife, Ana Leza, is renowned for her performances in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, El Placer de Matar in 1988, and Of Love and Shadows in 1994.

She is also known for being the former spouse of acclaimed Spanish actor José Antonio Domínguez Bandera (also known as Antonio Banderas).

Apart from being renowned for his own accomplishments, Dharma is also famous for being the celebrity son-in-law of María de la Concepción Leza Núñez, also known as Concha Leza.

She is widely known for her performances in the movies Foul Play in 1977, Historias para no Dormir in 1966, and Hospital Central in 2000.

Dharma Villareal & Ana Leza’s Marriage

Dharma Villareal and Ana Leza officially became husband and wife on November 26, 2000, in a quaint ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. Renowned Spanish actress Carmen Maura was present as a witness to their nuptials.

It is assumed that the couple initially crossed paths at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center, due to their shared enthusiasm. They were soon drawn to each other and subsequently began dating before ultimately getting married.

It has now been a full 22 years since the couple tied the knot. They are currently relishing their union in a peaceful, private setting away from the public eye.

In addition to this, the pair resided in Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, and Madrid before they finally settled down in South Fallsburg, New York.

Together, the couple has two lovely daughters; Clara María and Sofia Macarena. Eventually, the couple developed an interest in the realm of meditation.

Prior to marrying Dharma Villareal, Ana was wed to her first husband Antonio for almost a decade. On July 27, 1987, Ana went from being a professional associate to a life partner with Antonio.

At the beginning of Antonio’s career, she served as his English teacher and interpreter, aiding him in entering Hollywood. They also acted together in several films. This union was intact until 1996.

The ex-pair had a very turbulent time during their divorce process. It has been revealed that Ana received the couple’s 3.4 million euro shared Madrid residence as part of her spousal support.

Antonio was mandated to give his ex-wife Leza half of the salary earned from his films while they were married. Post their divorce, Leza quit her career in acting and began to lead a secluded life with her second husband Dharma.

Dharma Villareal’s Net Worth

It is estimated that as of 2023, Dharma Villareal has a net worth of approximately $500,000 due to his successful career as an editor.

It is said that his wife, Ana Leza’s total wealth is estimated to be $100,000. At the conclusion of her divorce from her former partner, she reportedly received the Madrid residence worth almost $4 million and an alimony of €12,000 ($14,100.60) each month for a period of three and a half years.

Who is Dharma Villareal? All About Ana Leza’s Husband, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth