Who is Harry Styles Dating? Is Harry Styles Dating Taylor Russell?

Harry Styles and Taylor Russell have taken the entertainment world by storm as the latest beloved celebrity couple. Fans have been buzzing about their relationship, wondering how long they’ve been together and how they first crossed paths. Let’s delve into the details of this adorable pairing.

Who is Harry Styles Dating?

It’s official – Harry Styles, the heartthrob pop icon, has a new leading lady in his life. He’s been romantically linked with model and actress Taylor Russell, and they’ve been spotted together in some heartwarming moments. After Harry supported Taylor on the opening night of her play, “The Effect,” fans around the world experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. They were both heartbroken and overjoyed to see Harry, the “As It Was” singer, finding love again, following his 2022 split from Olivia Wilde, after a two-year relationship.

Their most recent public appearance together was in central London in August, where the couple was photographed hand in hand. A video of their stroll went viral on Twitter, and fans couldn’t help but gush about their happiness, even though the footage captured them from behind and at a distance.

How Long bas Harry Styles been dating Taylor Russell?

So, just how long have Harry Styles and Taylor Russell been an item, and how did they cross paths to become one of Hollywood’s most talked-about couples? Let’s dive into the details.

Taylor and Harry are officially an item! This marks Harry’s first public relationship since his split from Olivia Wilde at the end of the previous year. Their two-year romance had seen Harry dividing his time between the United States and the United Kingdom. Harry is known for keeping his love life out of the limelight, so it’s unlikely that he’ll make any official statements about this new romance. However, fans can’t help but wonder if he might express his feelings through his music, as he’s done in the past.

Harry recently wrapped up his Love on Tour, which means he now has more time to invest in his relationships. He’s been particularly supportive of Taylor, attending her performances in “The Effect,” a play staged at the National Theatre in London. In fact, he introduced her to his friend James Corden during the play’s opening night.

Harry and Taylor’s romance is believed to have started in June 2023 when they were first spotted together in London. Taylor even made an appearance at Harry’s Love on Tour concert in Vienna in July, where she danced the night away in the VIP section. It’s worth noting that Taylor is a big fan of Harry’s music, which likely adds a special layer to their connection. Harry returned the favor by supporting her at the launch night of “The Effect” in August.

How did Harry Styles meet Taylor Russell?

While the exact circumstances of Harry Styles and Taylor Russell’s initial meeting remain shrouded in mystery, they were first photographed together at the Venice Film Festival in 2022 when Harry was promoting “Don’t Worry, Darling” with his then-girlfriend Olivia Wilde. Their first public sighting in London in June 2023 raises questions about when and how they were officially introduced. Given their shared circles in the entertainment industry, it’s possible that their connection was facilitated through mutual friends.

In the world of celebrity romances, Harry Styles and Taylor Russell’s relationship is undoubtedly one of the most captivating. With their shared experiences in the spotlight and undeniable chemistry, they’ve become the talk of the town. While they may keep some aspects of their relationship private, fans are thrilled to see this new chapter in both of their lives.

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